A Knit Fit

Anyone who knows anything about me and my behaviour lately will know of my recent obsession with tying sequential knots in string repeatedly and excessively, completely satisfying my urge to create order in our chaotic universe and subsequently my undiagnosed OCD.

Knitting and I met by accident. Like that random person you were never supposed to meet while you were on vacation, but you just had to stay a little later at that bar, or that pet you were never supposed to adopt but it was just too damn cute to let go of in the store. Turns out meeting knitting was also a lot less expensive or full of emotional regret than the former. Once knitting and I met it was love at first knit, and I was hooked. Since my Canadian Wilderness Adventure last fall, working for an Archaeological company in the deep woods of Thunder Bay, living in a wooden framed canvas cabin and waking up in sub-zero temperatures, a bond between me and the fuzz of temperature locking fibres was forged. I was taught by a co-worker who had previously picked it up, and, soon our little group of ladies was known for being the knitters in the dining tent. “A Stitch and Bitch” as my boss liked to refer to it. Aww; times were good…

On a more broad and wide spectrum, the feeling of learning a useful and applicable life skill comes with a certain sense of satisfaction. So what if I can perform complex statistical analysis of variance’s, or name every bone in the human body, or predict past human settlement hot spots due to proximity to a water and land formations. Knowing how to knit is a skill that can help save my life in the event of an apocalypse! I should put that on my resume! For once in the entirety of my educational career, I have learned something useful! And it didn’t even cost me tuition!  Maybe that’s the true meaning of success.

A new creative outlet was uncovered, the possibilities endless! My first project was a little tedious, wonky, and caused me more pain than I think it was supposed to. But in the end, after weeks of poking my fingers with the stupid needles, it was worth it and I ended up with a beautifully odd and eccentric ‘Special Scarf’ which I wear to this day.

 So, projects began presenting them selves faster than I could complete them after that.

Special scarf, wash cloth series, purple ribbed hat (circular needles), Alpaca hat for my man, purple mittens to match hat, Birthday Earth Tone Scarf for friend, crazy colour scarf for Mother’s Christmas Prezzie, Washcloths all around (stocking stuffers) x6, non-special scarf, baby blanket for baby shower, slouchy beige beanie. I think that’s everything I’ve done so far…not even mentioning the things I’ve got warming the bench, waiting for their moment. So stay tuned for knitty updates hopefully with photos.

Hooray for Hobbies!

If you have ever been toying with the idea of learning to knit, which I know a lot of people have, I say go for it! Really! Just do it! It’s really not that hard to do like a lot of people think, and it’s so rewarding. Think about it…you can make things! whatever things you can think to make! I will warn you though, it will change your shopping experiences forever, “I’m not paying that much if I can make it myself!” will become a regular phrase in your life. You have been forewarned.

So knit away! There are tons of free patterns online and SO many How-To videos, it’s really rather idiot-proof.

And let me know how it goes! 🙂

If I can do it, so can you! 🙂

– Miss Hailey Jane


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