Welcome to the Official Opening of “Coffee and Turtlenecks”!


Hey everyone!

I’m Hailey and I would like to start by thanking you for coming by, and having a look at what I’ve got spattered on the wall of the internet! 

Today is the official launch of ‘Coffee and Turtlenecks’, sort of its ‘coming out’ party if you will…I’ve been hard at work on a handful of new entries over the past few weeks, so have a read if you like. Some are a bit wordy, but I hope you’ll also find them informative and amusing nonetheless. Ironically enough, there is actually nothing about Coffee or Turtlenecks just yet, but there will be in good time so never fear. 


I am also keen to get the ball rolling with a bit of a reward system! So, if you like what you read, follow and leave a comment, with your name and email address, and for the next two weeks I will be getting back to you for a postal address and sending out, via snail mail, personalized hand-crafted letters with some artsy doodles for good measure! 



You can also find me on Twitter @HaileyJWright1

So sit back, with a hot cup of love and your favourite Norah Jones track, and enjoy!


-Miss Hailey Jane


2 responses to “Welcome to the Official Opening of “Coffee and Turtlenecks”!

  • Phil K

    As a fellow coffee addict I was horrified to read that it fell on you list of “C” foods to omit from your diet.
    I’m sitting here reading your blog with coffee in abundance and I am still upset that it’s not my preferred brand.
    May the force be with you

  • Alicia

    I enjoy both coffee AND turtlenecks… Looking forward to reading your posts, Hailey!

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