Fun Fact Friday!

After spending too much time watching a PBS documentary on Whales and Dolphins, I’ve decided to share my new excess of knowledge with you fine folk! From now on, every Friday I will post a smattering of new, fun and exciting facts I discovered throughout the week. Let’s hope they’re as new and exciting to you as they are to me!

FACT: No one has ever successfully seen Blue Whales feeding, which takes place in the depths of the ocean. We can infer through their poo (which is bright red and floats) that they feast almost exclusively on krill, a 1 inch long crustacean.

The Largest Known Animal To Have Ever Existed

FACT: No one has also successfully seen Humpback Whales mating, even though the males have been well documented in their epic chase for female favour which is frequently violent.  After the successful male surrounds his woman with a curtain of bubbles, they slink away and the act is left as elusive as it was before.

FACT: Sperm whales make the loudest sound on the planet, louder then a thunderclap. Their echolocation clicks produced by sending a clicking noise bidirectionally, from it’s nose, back towards it’s head, then out through the “spermaceti” organ, which amplifies and concentrates the noise, resulting in an acoustic picture of the surroundings for feeding and navigation purposes.

FACT: Spermaceti was the prized oil that whalers were after back in the days of Whale hunting, because of the economic demand (oil lamps/candles), it’s burning efficiency and low melting point. Also, when liquid it looks a bit like sperm, hence, “Sperm Whale”.  The whales use their metabolism and the temperature of the cold deep water to regulate the spermaceti’s state of matter (liquid or solid) to aid in diving; ie, buoyancy.

Sperm Whale Cranial Anatomy

Orcas are bastards. FACT

Orcas....Bastards..all of them.

So that was Fun Fact Friday! (Thank you PBS). I hope you learned something, if not, oh well I tried.

Oh! And I also finished knitting my slouchy hat!  It’s so awesome I’m wearing it right now! Let me know what you think! (And don’t say anything bad…because I love it.)

My Slouchy Hat!

The Back

-Miss Hailey Jane


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