Weekend Socks

A Weekend Sock is something very special. A Weekend Sock is always there to make you smile and shine a light on your day. A Weekend Sock is something everyone should have in their life…ideally two of them. Weekend Socks, are the future of sockiness.

What I am rambling about, my dear friends, are the wonders of a relatively recent discovery of mine, deemed “The Weekend Sock”. This discovery has thus brought upon the purest of happiness during various moments in the darkest of days. And some weren’t even weekends. *Gasp*

Ladies hold on to your teacups and men, get a firm grip on your monocles, for what I am about to tell you will likely induce an exasperated sigh of disbelief, or far worse, a “Well…I never!”.

It began last fall, right around the time I was learning to knit. I was introduced to the variety of different fibres things could be made out of. In the past I hadn’t given it much thought at all…Cotton was ok but shrunk funny, Wool was itchy, and Polyester packed well. That was about the extent of my knowledge. Well wasn’t I wrong…turns out there was a world of different textures and materials waiting for me to discover them.

Day after day I was waking up for work, in my cabin in the dark, literally freezing my butt to our loo’s, then throwing on as many layers as I could including the ‘oh’ so unglamorous work socks. You all know what I’m talking about. The kind of socks our Dad’s have put on every day of their lives since we could remember. The traditional grey with white and red band at the top. The smelly and slightly crusty texture after only a day’s use ‘socks’. That was them. And as much as I tried to feel an emotional connection to them, there was no way I could have a healthy relationship with these socks, it just wasn’t in the stars for us. They were like that boy in our class who we were partnered with constantly. Perfectly decent guy, did the job well, was more than useful, but kinda smelled.

So this was how my days went for the several weeks at the beginning. Setting out every morning and cringing as I slid my (already thin socked) foot into the uncomfortable, ill-fitting footwear disaster, and then into the even less aromatically pleasing work boot. Oh the humanity!

Then, one not so special day I went to the local department store, and discovered the most fantastic thing. Not only were there work socks of better quality that dealt with the smell, but they were pink!  DONE! Now, at ten bux for two pair it seems a little steep, but I had to have them. And that would have been all she wrote, and the world would have turned around again having only changed in the slightest little way, hardly noticed. But there were stronger powers a foot, and my eyes were drawn to a very similar pair of socks, yet these would change my life forever. They were the same make as the work socks. were also pink and pretty, but were made of the fluffiest little bunny fur!  Thus ‘Angora’ presented itself to my world. What a beautiful day that was. So soft, so fluffy, so clean, so perfect. But there was NO WAY these would ever touch the inside of my work boots. Not a snowballs chance in Jamaica, as my old History teacher would say. So, these precious balls of fluffy happiness were saved only for the weekends, when I no longer had to awake and throw on my boots. Hence the term “Weekend Socks”.

This was how “Weekend Socks” were born. They were defined as a special pair of socks that I could not wear during the week because of work and saved for the weekend.

Once I moved out of the cold frozen North on the cusp of winter, my love of special soft warm fibres was stronger than ever. And along with my new knitting skills, I put them to work with a dream of one day knitting my own Angora Weekend Socks. But without the adverse foot conditions every day, primarily not having the need for work boots regularly, the concept of the Weekend Socks needed modified. And so it came to be known that weekend socks would have been the type of sock saved for the weekend in the old conditions, but now could be enjoyed on any day of the week.

So now I present to you, the idea of the Weekend Sock, and ask you to steal a little slice of happiness for yourself, and get yourself some Weekend Socks. You can save them for the weekend, for bumming around the house. Perhaps you have cold hardwood floors, and want the fluffiest, thickest socks you can find to double as slippers? Weekend Socks can do that! You know how to knit and have a pile of socks you made yourself and love to death? Sounds like Weekend Socks to me! Perhaps you have a uniform at work that doesn’t allow any fun whatsoever in the foot department? Don’t worry, Weekend Socks can do that too! They can be fluffy, stripy, knitty, silly, toe-y, or just straight up crazy. Weekend Socks are something that make you happy to see and waking up and saying to yourself “YES! Today is a day for Weekend Socks!” can really be one of the best ways to start just about any day.

Spread the love and let me know how it goes!

"Well...I never!"

Vive les sox de la week-end!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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