Fun Fact Friday: Tea!

I’d like to start today by thanking everyone who’s come out to check on “Coffee and Turtlenecks” every once in a while. It makes me happier than you can imagine, really. Secondly, those of you who made an effort to post a comment and subscribe via email and sent me your mailing address, I have great news for you. Your surprise snail mail is on its way as of this morning! So I hope you enjoy!

Today is Fun Fact Friday, and today’s theme is Tea! I love tea, so this is going to be quick but great. I’d like to start off with a quick story about how I came to drink and then love the strange and historically recent drink.

I hated tea…thought it was vile. But all my friends drank it and it was a big part of how we socialized. So one day I sat down, brewed a whole pot of tea at home and systematically tried every type of milk/sugar/honey/lemon combination I could think of. The end results were slightly boring, and as it turns out I preferred my tea black and have ever since. That was about eight years ago now…and I am starting to almost like milk in it. But something about it seems wrong. Good, properly brewed black tea is about the best thing ever and can make you feel better even if you’re not upset and “in need of a hot beverage”.

FACT: Tea leaves are from the Camellia Sinensis plant.

FACT/TIP: When brewing higher quality green tea, the lower the temperature the better. A higher temperature will produce a bitter flavour.

Tea Leaves

FACT: The word ‘Tea’ originates from the Fugian Province of Tiwan, (Note: was a major European port) where they called it ‘Te’ and it has thus been assimilated to English European language as ‘Tea’ in the 17th Century. Chai, an alternately used word for Tea, is from the Persian language ‘chay’ and before that the word originated in the Mandarin language as ‘cha’.

FACT: The exact origins of tea drinking is unknown, but the first recorded drinking of the beverage is in China.

FACT: The smaller the leaves the more expensive the tea.

Perfectly manicured Tea fields below Mt. Fugi.

FACT: The only difference between green and black tea is the black leaves are left to wilt, turn darker and partially oxidize. Green tea leaves are dried immediately after picking. White tea is in the middle, and left to wilt but not oxidize.

FACT: Tiny cakes go great with tea!

La Fin!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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