Post-y Post time! A recent analysis of my kitchen cupboards has led to an interesting discovery. A discovery that I feel the need to share with all you fine and wonderful people. It has to do with what has become of my coffee mug collection. A recent amalgamation with the beverage holders of the gentleman I’m sharing my apartment with has resulted in a rather eclectic collection of mugs, which can only be described as completely full of random goodness. So, I’m going to share with you a detailed description of this collection, and I hope you are as amused as I was.

Item 1. This is a very basic and slightly boring mug, and for some reason I love more than words can describe. It’s got basic tea leaves on it, and has angled sides and that’s about as special as it gets. But something about it is absolutely perfect.

Item 2. A Cheshire Cat Mug, courtesy of Miss Emily on a Birthday not too long ago. It’s one of many Disney Store treasures and is fantastically big enough. It’s like a bowl of coffee!

Item 3. A Ontario Power Generation Mug that my gentleman received once “Reaching the 10k Challenge”.

Item 4. Another Mug of my gentleman’s collection, sporting a pair of absolutely adorable rottweilers. Might have been stolen from his mother come to think of it. But it makes us happy, because we miss our Puppy.

Item 5. A recent gift for Lump. A Disney Store vintage looking TowMater Mug. The best thing about this mug, was the smile it gave him.

Item 6. An accompanying Disney Store purchase for myself. Marie, the cutest little “Lady” out there, though she may be “nothing but a sister.”

Item 7. A Pennsylvania Railroad Mug. I have no idea where Lump acquired this one, but I think it may have belonged to his grandfather.

Item 8. A plain black mug, with three brothers and sisters that live five hours away from him. He is lonely. I will retrieve the rest of them some time soon. I think. (It’s great…hides tea stains…)

Item 9. My treasured Monty Python “Holy Grail” Mug from the UK store in Peterborough (does not hide tea stains…but is still great). It had a brother, “The Black Knight…None Shall Pass” mug, but unfortunately he was recently killed in a sky-diving accident. Turns out, it was more than a flesh wound….We are still in the mourning period.

Item 10. Post-war Japanese Tea Set. Has accompanying plates, teacups and saucers. Was a Christmas gift this year. And is Amazing.

Item 11. Tiny Cappuccino cup and saucer. Has a twin in the cupboard.  Is great for Cappuccino, espresso, latte’s and Ice Cream…all of which I can’t eat right now. Bugger.

So that’s all of them. It seems like more in the cupboard when they all try to jump out at once. It’s slightly ironic that I’m making such a fuss of coffee mugs when, because of my Fake Lent Plan, I can’t drink coffee. But they are doing a great job delivering caffeine via tea, so they aren’t completely useless.

Have a look at your collection and smile at the randomness, or marvel at its consistency. Mugs are great for hot beverages to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you can even bake tiny cakes in them! Endless possibilities people!!!

Happy Hump Day!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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