How Big is Your World?

I was recently analysing the extent of my understanding of the world and the people in it, and I decided that It ought to be much larger.

When I was a child, I had a very narrow understanding of the world, which likely consisted of no more than a thousand people, and the area of a few small towns. The area’s I had never been to, outside the town lines and even inside people’s homes I’d never visited, were nothing more than large black patches in my mind that I never really gave much thought to. There was, in my perception, absolutely nothing out there, just a vastness of black emptiness. When my friends moved away, they were just as well dead, swallowed up by the big black patch of emptiness which I knew nothing about, friend goes on vacation…spends time in the black patch before safely returning to our small sheltered world.

As I grew up, I began to explore more of this world, and question things more easily. But the ‘Black Patch’ theory, to this day still stands. With a few exemptions of course, including the ability to understand that there are different cultures and the ability to learn about them. What really concerned me though, as my way of viewing the world evolved, was that there were so many grown people in the world who have never been outside their city, their small town, or their village. Their idea of what the world consists of has to be so completely different from mine, I can’t even begin to think of what it would be like for them. Particularly the people in the world without the wonders of modern technology to show them what is really out there. But as I thought some more, this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as happy, or perhaps even more happy with their lives than myself.  They are likely more content with their lives that’s for sure.

As I went to school, got a degree, and travelled about the planet for a few years, I have been boggled with what the people in this world are like and what they can do. I want to see so much more of it, and I fear this new desire is a thirst that can never be quenched. I obsess about clearing away my ‘Black Patches’ and knowing all there is to know. I want to meet so many more people, widen my circle, and experience so many new things…

I have sworn now, to always keep a map of the world on my wall, so as to never forget what’s really out there, good and bad. Never to stop dreaming about adventure, and never to get too comfortable in once place.

I want to Live Big. I want to have stories. I want to tell them.

What I want to ask you all is, how big is your world? Are you satisfied with all of the people you’ve met and the places you’ve gone in your life or do you want to know more? And the number of facebook friends you have doesn’t count. If your answer was no, then like me, you need to stop making excuses and reach for your dreams.

Never hold grudges, don’t have any regrets, and say ‘Yes’ whenever you can.


-Miss Hailey Jane



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