A Tea Review: Assam ‘Budla Beta’

For the past week I’ve bee test driving a new tea in my collection from India.  It’s called Assam SF ‘Budla Beta’. A rather fancy name for, what seems to be, a rather simple black tea. That being said, I still find it delicious and wonderful, but I just think I was expecting something with a more distinct flavour.

Here’s what the *Official Synopsis* says:

“This Black Tea originates in the Assam region of India and has a well worked leaf with golden glowing tips. This second flush picking is a strong, aromatic Black Tea that provides a wonderful burgundy-red cup that is great as a morning tea, but can be enjoyed any time of day. ”   -Taken from Teaopia.ca

I agree that it’s a great morning tea, as that’s usually when I drink it, but I don’t agree that it’s particularly strong, or burgundy coloured.  When made according to the instructions, it comes out a light orange-ie brown colour even after it steeps too long, not something I particularly associate with strong tea. Maybe compared to green or white teas, but not regular black teas.

The flavour is well rounded for sure, and is rather pleasant with a slight sharpness and tang to it. It also carries with it a rather smooth soft after-taste which I think is the most distinctive part of the tea. For example, the smell of the brewed tea is very faint, quite different from the taste, and nothing to write home about. They lied when they said it was aromatic, of by some off chance the water here in Windsor killed all of the smell in the brewing process, but I doubt it.

I’m sorry I’m a bit of a killjoy today, it really is a lovely tea, with a fun and exciting name, and it does come all the way from India….but at $7.00 for 50 grams, I might try something else next time. Suggestions?

-Miss Hailey Jane


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