Fun Fact Friday: Star Wars Day Special!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

So, in honour of such an excellent day, I’m going to share a few fun facts about the films and their making. I’m sure most of you awesome people out there will already know them, but it’s for the good of the many.

FACT: The setting of Tatooine was filmed in  the deserts of Tunisia (Africa, for the geografically impaired). It’s a popular tourist destination to this day, and still houses the sets from 1977, including Uncle Ben and Ant Beru’s home.

FACT: Chewbacca’s character name is inspired from a city in Tunisia called Chebika City.

FACT: During the asteroid scene in The Empire Strikes Back, one of the asteroids is actually a potato.

FACT: In the same film, Episode V, it only took Alec Guinness six hours to shoot all of his scenes.

FACT: In 1996, 37% of all toys sold in the U.S. were Star Wars products.

FACT: The actor who plays C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, makes a gold suit-less cameo in Episode 2. Anthony is also the only actor to be present in all six of the films.

There he is!

FACT: After the first trilogy was released, there were rumours circulating about the content of the prequels (where Vader came from etc.). These also alluded to how Han Solo might have been present prior to the events in A New Hope, as a Correllian Cabin Boy. Many are glad this plot line and back story was not used.

FACT: I want to visit Tunisia and live in a mud house for a while, running around pretending to be a Jawa or shoot Sand People.

FACT: When Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith was released in 2005, I saw it in theatres three times, once was the Premier Midnight Showing (where we got excellent seats!) and I dressed up as Queen Amidala. But, before you say anything…I’m not as ridiculous as the guy who ran around the theatre in a white dress with cinnamon buns taped to his ears. 😛

May the fourth be with you!

-Miss Hailey Jane


4 responses to “Fun Fact Friday: Star Wars Day Special!

  • rebeccaoftomorrow

    Love this info. May the fourth be with you (even if I’m posting this on the sixth)…and watch out for those potatoes!

  • Cee

    Actually, I thought a young Han would’ve been OK in a very short cameo.

    Maybe just one of the other characters could’ve just spoke to him and he’d turn and say something brief or just make a lopsided grin ala Harrison Ford 🙂

    …and yes, I lost count how many girls ( and guys ) I’ve seen over the years at comicbook/sci fi cons sporting a twin cinnamon bun hairstyle 🙂

    • haileyjw

      The crazy thing about the hair style though, was that it wasn’t hair…they were actually sticky cinnamon buns. And I guess the new films could have totally used more Harrison Ford. 😀

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