An Ode to Turtlenecks…

Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

Why do you warm me so?

Why is it that, your fibres sat,

Round my neck and make me glow.


It’s summer time, here and now,

Don’t you know of the scorching heat?

I want to wear, you here and there,

But to do so would be a feat.


The sun has kissed my naked neck,

Did you always wish my skin so brown?

A freckle here, and tan lines near,

My shoulders have caused a frown.


Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

I eagerly long for your demure chic.

When Man Winter shows, and the weather snows,

Again we’ll revel from your touch on my cheek.


-Miss Hailey Jane

(…Bleeding Summer!)

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