Updates and Other Folly

Hello there, wonderful people, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I have some fun and exciting news, that is really not exactly fun, or particularly interesting, but it is news nonetheless! Coffee and Turtlenecks now has a facebook page! woohoo! It seems like all the cool kids are doing it now, so I figured why not.

You can find and friend it here, if you want an easy way to keep track of posts and updates. My eternal thanks also will go out to you, and I will leave a small piece of my vast fortune (har har har) to you in my last will and testament.  Could be worth it!

In other news, nothing has happened, hence the lack of interesting currently relevant posts. My apologies, but I really would rather not smother you in heroic tales of fighting with head office to get my wages paid and the epic tale of how we got a new TV that I didn’t really want in the first place. Here’s hoping fate knocks on my door soon so I can write about it and get some more views.

Oh, and I have been reading Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker trilogy and am almost done the fifth book (yes…fifth). So I would imagine you can anticipate a review of that brilliance that is that, within the foreseeable future.

Also, quick question…does anyone send actual letters anymore? Or perhaps parcels? I would be really interested in knowing what sorts of things you like to, or would like, to send in the mail. I’ve got a couple pending parcels, waiting for a boost of motivation, and I think they could possibly use a bit of sprucing up. Any ideas are truly welcomed. Send your love to coffeeandturtlenecks@gmail.com.  Also, I always warmly receive and reply to any general correspondence. So if you have a question about life, hey, I may have the answer. So Email me people! It could change your lives!

Thanks again for being awesome and reading my banter.


Miss Hailey Jane

See you all on the other side! (of what exactly, I’m not sure, but they say the grass is pretty green)


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