Real Awesome People

Living spherically, in all directions means appreciating, yet not dwelling on the past.

My little sister went off to college last weekend with the hoard of young new eager learners looking to better their future through education. I was jealous and terribly, TERRIBLY nostalgic the entire time. It was in a completely different place, but moving her things into that little residence room, seemed so similar to my experience six whole years ago. It even sorta smelled the same.  I wonder if it’s just me, here, being a grown up, that’s makes that time six years ago feel so far away.

Maybe I just miss my friends. Maybe I just haven’t come to terms with the fact that my life is different than it’s always been. But last weekend while home, I also went and spent time with a smattering of awesome people from school who I hadn’t seen in far too long. It was fantastic and like we hadn’t been apart for as long as we had. Some are engaged now, others are already married, and one is flying off to Vancouver to find something in herself.  People change but I am a firm believer that they never lose their awesomeness. Everyone needs awesome people in their life. I don’t care where you live or who you are, I just deeply hope you have the chance to exist around other awesome people and be better for it.

Awesome people make the world go round.

I start a new job on Monday and am set on it being an improvement to my life. And most of all I am looking forward to finding and spending time with some awesome people in my new city, so I can add a little more colour to this particular section of my life sphere. Moving on and moving forward is so important, and though it hasn’t been all that long at my current job, I feel with my whole heart that it’s time to do something else. Quitting doesn’t always make you a quitter. University may have not gotten me that dream job yet, but it has certainly given me standards and an idea of self worth. Awesome people are part of that standard.

We finished unloading my sisters things and said goodbye as she shooed us out the door in our reluctance to leave. It was then that I hoped she too has the opportunity to meet awesome people to fill her life with.  So when she has the chance to move our other little sister into college in seven years time, she can feel the same as I do.

-Miss Hailey Jane

And if you’re interested, you can find her tumblr here. She is a dedicated, albeit specific poster and no one in the world can say she is lacking passion.


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