Like clockwork, as the first day of fall rolled by, the trees curled up for their winter sleep and began to litter the side streets with their refuse. It crunches as I walk along the road, beneath my feet.  It is a happy sound, a heart warming smell. It’s sweater weather once again and the season of hot coco, fall drives and Jack and cider’s is upon us. The past summer’s knitting can finally be worn with pride, and  inspiration can be found around every crisp and wind swept corner.

The world is moving forward, and I feel like I am too.

September is such a perfect month, holding within it the bitter-sweet dregs of summer and the new beginnings of fall. It comes with the smell of back to school shopping, and the excitement of starting a new school year for all those lucky enough to be thrown into a new group of eager learners, making lifelong friends in the process. Thanksgiving then bears it’s head and promises delicious and copious meals that are to be shared with loved ones,  and near the end of September the Halloween decorations begin to come about and entice the creative genius within to come up with another show stopping costume.

It is a month of change, adjustment and fresh starts. It encourages us, and rewards us with memories we will never forget. Smells take hold and lace our brain, triggering emotions for the rest of our lives.  It’s the little things, it’s always the little things. In the fall there’s no stopping to smell the roses, the smells of life surround us constantly, as we swim through the soup that is the essence of purpose in our existence. And somewhere within the thickness of it all, there is happiness.

-Miss Hailey Jane


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