London; Through the Fog

Good afternoon loyal reader people! Another instalment of Hailey’s English Adventures is about to ensue. I will also promise to try to keep it less than 500 words, because 1200 word posts aren’t really doing me any favours here.

Today I am going to regale all of you fantastic intellectuals with the aftermath of the London Bridge Train Station incident, which immediately proceeded my misguided behaviour in Brighton.  If anything it will feel like a lovely and lax stroll around my favourite city in the world, being a tourist in the strongest sense of the word.

After grasping tightly to what was left of my consciousness against a wall outside of Charing Cross, I was located by my friend and then set off into the world of  the Londoner, with mussed hair, smeared makeup, a glazed look in my eyes and a very empty stomach. She took me to a place completely new to me called Camden, which turns out is a fantastically awesome place.

It is known as a centre of alternative culture and let me tell you, the shops there were outrageously brilliant. If you want leather or PVC anything, here would be the place to get it. Here’s a video about Camden to give you a better idea . I also was not the only person walking around after a wild night. My enthusiasm grew as I walked along the cobblestones experiencing all of the different and beautiful things. Old buildings, a horse hospital, so many shops and stalls, and the smell of the food from all over the world was intoxicating. Not the ideal kind of intoxicating either from the perspective of a sensitive tummy, but once I got some Chinese food in me I was feeling much better. After a few hours of wandering around and seeing what there was to see, we hopped on the tube and headed to Westminster.

Here was the centre of tourist London in my opinion, with Parliament, The Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Aquarium all in relative proximity. We walked along the Thames, I snapped photos like the out-of-towner I was, trying to be at least a bit creative…

My head still pounded and most of the day so far had been seen through the fog of my hangover, but it was clearing and the beauty of the day itself was coming through. We opted to avoid the high fees and the line for a ride on the Eye, as well as the Abbey, but just being there with them was a spectacle all on its’ own.

It was late afternoon and the way the light was hitting everything made it nearly sparkle. It was a cool and crisp fall day, but the sun warmed our faces and the smell of chestnuts roasting on Westminster Bridge was the lovely pick me up I needed.

I tried to think about the history of the place I was standing in, all of the important things that had happened here. But it was so hard to grasp with the buzzing and constant hum of tourists everywhere.

You can still see the evidence of the previous night’s escapades in my hair and under my eyes, but with the help of excitement and internal motivation, London was opened up to me once again with the comfort of home.

It was such a gift to spend the day in London with her, and I hope to return again some day soon. There is so much more to do and see. People to meet, drinks to drink, songs to sing terribly off-key and embarrassing moments that have yet to be experienced.  London may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. The next photo, which was taken of the ground outside the south end of Parliament says it all I think…

-Miss Hailey Jane

I also seemed to have failed utterly in my world count goal. Oh well, it was unrealistic anyway… And don’t worry, we’ll get around to ‘Kissing Ron Howard’ soon enough…didn’t your mother ever teach you any patience?


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