“An Appropriate Title For Whatever Just Fell Out of My Brain”

Welcome to the first post of 2013!

Oh My Gosh!

Oh My Gosh!

It’s all uphill from here!

I’m very glad to have survived not only the apocalypse, a very retail-ie Christmas and the accompanying boxing day madness, but also the always slightly dangerous new years eve. I am…what they call…a trooper.

So to bust out the clichés, I accidentally realized that I do, in fact, have a few resolutions for this year. Both of which are rather attainable, so long as I don’t forget about them in the meanwhile. So to make them a bit more tangible, I’m going to share them with you the people of the internet, in the hopes of encouraging my adherence.


1. To blog more than once a month. Ideally once a week.  As a rule I hadn’t been too bad and once upon a time, when I’d put up two to three posts a week. Those were the magical days of novelty and creative genius. But now I’m actually surprised to have posted anything at all since October because it’s just been so insane.

(Insert hatred towards the materialistic state of society and the accompanying mixed feelings because I still want a job, here)

So I am vowing to post once a week for the benefit of everyone who enjoys my particular brand of madness (*note: I cannot guarantee the quality of said posts. So if there’s one about the general likeability of grumpy cats in handknits, I’m in no way responsible or at all sorry. This has been a note).

A preview of what may or may not be to come...Mua hahaha.

A preview of what may or may not be to come…Mua hahaha.

2. My second resolution is a bit more interesting and ought to help with the quality issues I had with the first. I resolve to travel at least TWICE this year out of North America. I’ve got Greece and England (possibly France) high on the list, and am pretty determined to get there again before the year is out. If I could take pictures of English cats in handknits it would very much kill two birds with one wonderfully kitschy stone. So wish me all of your luck!

To all of you out there enjoying your free prize of regret that comes with the bottom of every bottle of tequila, I salute you on a night well spent!

All the best to everyone in the new year, enjoy the sudden tenfold increase in fitness and diet plan advertisements, and to my fellow Canadians, only four-ish more months of terminally depressing Winter!


-Miss Hailey Jane

Ps; On a completely unrelated note: Those of you out there that Tumble on a regular basis, you have been warned.

Tumblr Exploded

Thank you to the Doctor Who Christmas Special (Which was as fantastic as a polar bear in pink cashmere).

PPs. Thoughts on the new Tardis Interior? I’m not in love actually…

Ok, that’s all, I’m done now…



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