Milking the Content Cow

Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve been anywhere interesting, and I feel like I owe you all an apology.

I owe this apology on the grounds that the vast majority of the material I have had the pleasure of introducing you to, has been shamelessly stolen from the same handful of weeks of my life over a year ago. I feel like my stories have in fact become a part of history that I have been regurgitating back to you, like little baby birds who really want to grow up and find your own fish to fry.

I will no doubt try to pull this on you all again, as I finish my “Random England Photo” series, and then tell other stories such as “Fascinating Fascinators”,  “Free Ice Cream and Vengeful Cows” or “Birthday Slavery at Colchester Castle”.  I haven’t even thought about getting into my countless museum trips yet.  So, here is a pre-emptive apology for all of that too.

The good news is, I am officially planning another jaunt to the Motherland for March of this year. (One resolution down! Yay!) And no, this adventure clearly has absolutely nothing to do with that fact that my gentleman is planning on abandoning me for another weekend, taking a rifle course and purchasing an unnecessary gun. All of which I am aggressively against on principal, have articulated my disdain for on a number of occasions, and thus need bloody vacation.

Thank you all very much for your readership. If I could bake you all a cake that said “You are Awesome” and then mail it to wherever you are, I would. But unfortunately I am out of blue icing, and a “You are Awesome” cake wouldn’t be the same without blue icing.

This has been a post.


-Miss Hailey Jane


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