My Two Cents: Star Trek, Into Darkness

This one is a quick and out of character post that reveals the deep seeded level of nerdiness I covet. I will say straight out that I am traditionally a Star Wars fan. Though now I have nightmares about what Disney will do to my precious space adventures in the next few years, the originals will always be special to me. I watched and loved the first trilogy when I was a child, and as the ‘New’ trilogy was released I enjoyed them for what they were as well. I had some of the books (not all of them, there are way too many of those things), the posters, a blue plastic lightsaber and my brother went as a very convincing, albeit miniature, Darth Maul one Halloween. *I will even tell you all a lovely little secret, that when Revenge of the Sith came out in theatres when I was 17, I lined up to go to the midnight opening dressed up as Queen Amidala, then proceeded to see it again twice more while it was playing.*

*…* This is a Judge free zone…just so you know…

In lieu of all of my Star Wars history,  I am currently not-so-patiently awaiting the release of the new Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams; Action/Sci-fi Producer Extraordinaire, entitled “Into Darkness’. I think I might have found a new love for the world of the USS Enterprise; make a seat Doctor Who, I see it making itself quite comfortable on the bus that is my repertoire of entertainment.

Man Candy #1

Not only does this new action-packed sequel star enough man-candy to feed a horde of hungry supermodels, but it has left its characters (well..just the one, really..) completely in the dark from the view of the public.  Although I encourage a healthy appetite for curiosity in the production of film, with things like working titles and stiff contracts about what can and can’t be discussed, I think going this far is reminiscent of a medieval device used for the quite opposite purpose.


Man Candy #2

The villain of this chapter in the Star Trek legacy, played by manically beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch, has been rumoured to be a number of things ranging from Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman, to Kirk’s own Evil brother John Harrison who to me sounds like he should have just been a Beatle. And where Kirk’s brother would have picked up that sexy English accent I’ll never know. At first I just held a passing curiosity on the matter, but now I swear I’d kill a baby to find out.

Benny was said to have leaked the name John Harrison in an interview, but he’s a clever bloke and I wouldn’t put it past him just to be fucking with all of us…Not that I’d mind one bit. So this is where I sit now. Waiting until May 17th to find out for sure, and then enjoy the violent over stimulation that will no doubt be supplied by Mr. Abrams once again, with lots of shiny white and blue lights.

Man Candy #3

So if you’re all lucky I’ll do a review once I see it. I just hope it keeps it’s over dramatic, tounge-in-cheek type of humour and character dynamic that was done so well in the first one. I want them to feel like they go together, and are part of this, quite literally, new dimension of Star Trek story.

Hooray for alternate universes!

-Miss Hailey Jane



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