And I’m Back!


After a fortnight in old Blighty, I successfully made it back to Canada and have been running around like a directionally challenged chicken with its’ head cut off, ever since.

Crossing half the country twice and a bit can really take it out of you.

A Quick list of things I learned while on Holiday:

-I am allergic to relaxing for more than three seconds when in a different country.

-If I’m going to misplace something, it’s going to be REALLY important and too expensive to replace. (I.e. my Railcard)

-After years of mocking and scoffing, I now secretly like the Twilight films and One Direction.

-I can eat broccoli without vomiting!

-Nutella is AMAZING!

-Famous people just walk around the streets like they live there or something, instead of that magical place in the sky that I believe all TV creatures go to when they call it a day.

-Suitcases can fall out of a bus at top speed on the highway and survive with ‘but a scratch’.

-British plumbing is my arch nemesis.

-I don’t know how we survive at home without pick and mix, and Jammie Dodgers.

-You can buy someone’s old glass eyeballs in Lewes if you want to.

-Airplanes now interior decorate in the fashion of nightclubs.

-Heels and cobblestones don’t mix well

-I’m still super good at sneaking around places I’m not supposed to be.

-I wish I went to school at Oxford….Sorry Trent, we can still be friends though.

-I look a bit too comfortable in a peasant costume, which has weakened my belief in my ultimate destiny of world domination.

-You can be 11 kilometres up in the air and still wave at someone out the window.

-Dogs can go to pubs? What madness is this?

-Canadian bookstores have A LOT to learn about being awesome…

-Vegemite tastes like Marmite, but worse 😛







-Miss Hailey Jane

5 responses to “And I’m Back!

  • storiesbywilliams

    “Nutella is AMAZING!” Hells to the yeah! I put it on toast, pancakes, and in plain yogurt. What’s YOUR game?

  • Robyn

    Nutella is delicious! In fact I need to buy some more. It was lovely seeing you Hailey. I had a wonderful time.
    Creepy about the glass eyeballs! Where was that?

    • haileyjw

      Sorry for eating it all 😛 I had a great time too! Thanks so much for letting me stay. 🙂 The creepy glass eyeballs were at an old antique shop in Lewes. If they were a more reasonable price, I would have came home with them. 🙂

  • Christine

    You had to go to another country to find out Nutella was amazing?! My dear Hailey, you need to peruse the PB and jam section in the grocery store more often. 😉 You know what else is amazing? A Belgian hazelnut white chocolate swirl spread you can get at Food Basics. Awesome stuff. Right off the spoon. Mmm …

    • haileyjw

      Yeah, apparently I’m not as adventurous at the grocery store as I am in my international friend’s cupboards. White chocolate swirl spread just might be the best sounding thing ever. I will obtain some soon and report back! lol. xx

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