“You’re Leaving Again?” And Other Adventurous Updates

Some may call me frivolous, impatient, chronically unsatisfied, but I just call me spectacular!



I know I haven’t even got to telling you all about my last adventure in any detail whatsoever, but look at me, I’m planning another trip just like that! This one is smaller and bigger at the same time for reasons I will divulge shortly. The destination is going to be none other than one of the most famous cities in the world, New York, New York baby!

It is a small trip because we’re only going for four days, and one and a half of those days will be driving. There are four of us going…and here’s the big part….CHRIS IS COMING!  Yep…that’s right….you heard me correctly, he’s going to vacation!  With me!  He even booked time off work so we could all go together!

Now, he may just be doing it because all the cool kids are, or because he’s been watching too much Doctor Who with me lately, but that’s besides the point. This is the first serious trip that we’re going on together and I’m hoping it’ll be the spark that leads to so  many more trips in the near and distant future!

Within our short time frame we’ll see the sights and do all we can possibly do before it’s time to turn back. It’s certainly a place you need to say you’ve seein, and it’s not the sort of place I think I’d enjoy for the first time when I’m seventy, so off we go.  My comrades are not huge museum fans, so unfortunately I think the natural history museum will be out of bounds, which is almost the end of the world because I know it’s a pretty snazzy operation (and everyone knows how much I love dead things). But It’ll be a reason to return one day though, if the rest of the place grows on me.

Any other sight recommendations and “must do’s” while in the Big Apple?

As for my England excursion, I’ll let you know that I did choose Oxford over Cambridge, and it was a good choice. Details and photo’s of that trip to come, as well as a lovely and eye poppingly exciting encounter in London to top it all off.

Thanks everyone for being wonderful, and fellow Ontarians, enjoy the springie sunshine! Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to in my down time lately, which include pretty trees, new hair, and lunch at a cute place in Walkerville called The Twisted Apron which does a mean Pulled Pork sandwich.






Yum this thing is good....

Yum this thing is good….


-Miss Hailey Jane

P.S. Mom, I know you’re both jealous and impressed at the same time, but we won’t be renting a red convertible, and there will be boys, but us girls are running the show for sure.  😀


One response to ““You’re Leaving Again?” And Other Adventurous Updates

  • Mom

    Awesome, Hailey! I am both jealous and impressed. Too bad about the boys tagging along and not renting a convertible for this trip — but there’s always next time 😀 Road trips are the best!!!

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