I Have Now Explored Diabetes With Owls…

So there’s this book that I found….or rather, that found me. It was just staring at me at work one day, I work in a bookstore, so that’s really not all that unbelievable. What makes this an interesting occurence is that this particular book, out of the MILLIONS I literally trip over all day, was special enough to have me pick it up and investigate it.  I am going to say that the reason for this unlikely investigation may or may not be entirely because of the clever title, and that I may or may not be extremely guilty of harshly judging books by their covers. But hey, it’s worked for me so far.

Turns out…it was freaking amazing!  Though there is not a word in it about diabetic owls which is slightly upsetting..

Hoot Hoot!

This book so good that it has become my new Staff Pick at work. Sedaris has done it again, it’s hilarious, strange in that lovely and comforting kind of way, and is familiar enough that you can…or at least I could…relate to it, maybe a little more than I should have. I blame the mix of England, dead animals and the judgement of complete strangers; that gets me every time. The chapter called ‘Understanding Owls’ was my favourite by far, with ‘Mind the Gap’ being a close second. I don’t know what it is about taxidermy and popular modern literature, but it always seems to be there.

The reviews I read seemed unimpressed with the few small fiction entries, but I think they build on the work and add a little extra flavour. If you are easily offended, particularly by anything Liberal, non-religious or at all culturally diverse, I really wouldn’t recommend this book for you…and I’ve steered one or two of these people away from it and back to their Christian Fiction or Crossword Puzzles at the bookstore. Everyone else will most certainly LOVE it, I promise. If you like Augusten Burroughs or Jenny Lawson (which I do…deeply, and almost creepily), this will be right up your alley.

Now…I must find a way to acquire more!


-Miss Hailey Jane


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