Smudge: Our New Baby American Cocker Spaniel!

Who would have guessed it, but I have suddenly become a new Mommy! With the adoption of Smudge, a four month old American Cocker Spaniel, we’ve certainly had our hands full over the past few weeks.


The adoption happened rather suddenly, beginning with a friend and I routinely checking the Humane Society’s website. It was then that I saw her and knew that I had to meet her. I melted instantly.  I called Chris from work and woke him up, pleading with him to come with me to meet Smudge. He was reluctant, as he is with just about anything I decide to do, but I figured I would cross the rest of that bridge when I came to it.


We then proceeded to call the Humane Society to see if she was still available for adoption. The news we got wasn’t the best we could have heard at that point. Six people had already come to see her and put in applications for her adoption and they were going to see a few more families before they made the decision of a new home for little Smudge. My heart sank, I had to be at work until 11:30 at the absolute earliest, there was no way I was going to make it in time let alone convince Chris within the hour or so I had in between.

After pestering Chris long enough He agreed to take me to meet her, and ‘we’ll see how it goes’. We closed up shop a little early, agreeing this was one of those opportunities of a lifetime and the three of us headed over to the Windsor Essex Humane Society hopeful and doubtful at the same time.

When we arrived I filled out an application form and met the couple who had been fostering her for the past month. They worked there and were the ones conducting the interviews and they had seen several possible families already that day. I sat anxiously in the waiting area for our turn not sure what was going to happen. When Jamie, Smudges current parent came out to meet us I was so nervous, but we seemed to get on very well and she told us all about Smudges temperament, her quirks and what we would expect. She naturally had a lot of questions for us too, which I answered to the best of my ability and just hoped it was going to be good enough.


Jamie picked up Smudge from her crate and carried her down the hall, past the kittens and cats, into the meeting room. We all sat down and started to introduce ourselves. My heart felt like it was going to give as she snuggled up to me and Jess, but when Chris picked her up and she started licking his face, I just about cried. I knew if she had to go to someone else I would be eternally devastated.


We played for I don’t even know how long, and after so many questions and treats and tricks it was time to head home. Jamie said she would call us by the end of the day with their decision and with a slightly breaking heart we said goodbye.

Chris was still slightly unsure but I could tell he was smitten with her. He doesn’t do spontaneity as well as I do I think. I was thinking everything through in the car, preparing myself for the disappointing phone call of rejection that may or may not come. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I would break down if they chose someone else. I loved that little fur ball, and knew that she was what we needed to complete our little family.


When we got home I set to emailing my Mom and sisters, and Chris called his Dad to get some advice. I began relentlessly researching everything I could about American Cocker Spaniels, and having a new puppy in general. She would need brushed daily, groomed every few months and loved all the time, but to me this was a small price to pay for the kind of friend I would have when Chris was gone. I could not relax until my phone rang, and inevitably it did several hours later. It was Jamie. She started slowly, that after careful consideration (this was absolutely killing me, I stood there gasping and fidgeting while she described the situation) her and her husband felt that the best home for Smudge would be with….you and Chris. She was certain, and very much wished that we would be able to have a place in our life for her.


I was flabbergasted and started to cry out of relief and pure happiness. I said that that was so wonderful, and I would be so happy to have her as part of our family. I had to talk it over with Chris to confirm, and said I would call her back.

This was the part I feared, that he would refuse at the final and critical moment. I ran into the bedroom where he was napping, leapt onto the bed and told him to feel my heart. I was beating 100 miles a minute and he knew as well as I did that there was not an option to say no at this point. I was going to be a Mommy!

I called Jamie back and said we would love to take her. She was so happy we agreed and it was decided that we were to collect her the next day. After a restless and excited night and a very much aloof day at work we went and picked her up and took her to her new home. The rest of that story my friends, is history.



She such a wonderful and friendly little girl and we will love her and her little face forever! Stay tuned for so many more pictures and stories of our little Smudge!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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