A Day in Central Park


Freshly caffeinated on a cool overcast day we headed out into the crowds in New York City and had a go at the park.  It was the first time in the city for three out of the four of us so around every corner there seemed to be something new to be seen.


The park itself was bloody gorgeous, and crawling with people. Some trying to seek more attention than others for sure. In this city where it’s do or die, see or be seen, a new and wonderful world of ridiculousness comes out of the blue. Men dressed in superhero costumes out for a jog, men with horses and carts literally begging to take you for a ride, groups of any age showing off their tai-chi skills. There were even a handful of proper photo shoots going on involving underfed, oddly dressed women with big hair and a guy with a vision he’s trying to get across. It’s all very entertaining.


I love how the skyscrapers just pop out of the tops of the trees, never letting you forget where you are, even if it sort of feels like nature.


It made me try to think of all of the movies and shows I’ve seen that were shot or set here, in Central Park, and soon my list was exhaustive. A Troll in Central Park, Oliver and Company, Sex and the City, Doctor Who, Friends, Enchanted, Vanilla Sky, Autumn in New York, Cruel Intentions, Balto, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall, The Producers, and SO MANY MORE. After a bit of research, having 305 films shot there, the Park is the most filmed location in the whole of the world. Although I have seen it so many times before, I had not expected it to feel like it did.



The lake and pond were lovely, tranquil and certainly didn’t disappoint. Every picture I seemed to take was worth keeping, and I feel like New York has a lot of this going for it.


The rocky outcrops seemed quite tempting to climb all over, and are part of the reason the area has not been built up I would imagine.


And speaking of Balto and climbing…I was actually super excited to see the statue in real life. Maybe not as excited as Jess here. Chris had no idea who Balto was so Jess and I had a bit of educating to do. We may or may not have got the point across through the cloud of giggles and bemusement.




Yep, it’s definitely worth a visit and I would most certainly come back if I was in the area. Central Park did not disappoint and it’s size left lots more to be explored. We managed to finish our adventure right before the rain and were glad of it. Next stop, street meat and the city lights!

-Miss Hailey Jane.


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