Potholes on the Road to Adventure

With any trip, there are always bound to be some things that just bloody well go wrong, no matter what you seem to do to avoid it. Here is a quick log of things that I have had the pleasure of sorting out along my travels throughout the years. If I can come through this mess in one piece I’m confident you can too! I apologize in advance, as this post is heavily laden with photos.

Greece 2006

100_0617 - Copy

Nearly being stranded on the Island of Aegina due to a faulty watch operator and poor timing in general catching the departing boat


Getting scolded by a little man in a small wooden box for filming in an ancient theatre ruin at Delphi.


Being chased by a perturbed pack-laden donkey on the Greek Island Hydra.


Holding the Greek Flag backwards in a group photo. (Photo mirrored to preserve pride and intelligence)


England 2010


Getting lost within the vast network of London’s rail system, waiting at Charring Cross Station for rescue.



Being horribly hungover throughout a day trip through London. (Also see Throwing Up at London Bridge Train Station for further entertainment.)


Getting lost and choosing wrong entrance to the Natural History Museum while trying to meet someone. Silly me to assume a museum only had one front door.


Horribly inclement weather, ruining many a train trip.

England Winter 2011

This whole trip started off in the wrong direction with a 12 hour flight delay, in which I was required to wait in the airport, for 12 hours, with nothing to amuse me other than the contents of my carry on. This was difficult.


This particular incident needs to be read to be fully understood. (The Poo!)


Running like wild banshees to catch the last train from Shrewsbury to Welshpool, and making it in the nick of time. Exhaustion followed.


Cows in the road

Cuba 2011


Dodgy hotel room with a dangerously located television set that was prone to bashing you in the head if you weren’t careful. We relocated the following day. 


My sisters first experience with fresh guava left more to be desired I feel.


My other sisters experience with a slightly less than stable cot.

England Summer 2011


Again a bad start to the trip, with a few hour departure delay, entirely different flights as well as airport terminals than my travel buddy at both ends. Thank goodness for cellular telephone technology.


More Poo! She was also unknowingly sitting in some at this point.


Being in London around the same time as the riots in several English cities that year was a small bit unnerving.  I luckily managed to avoid it.

England 2013


The absolute worst thing that happened on this trip was loosing my Railcard and a pair of return tickets half way through my trip. It was at this point, at this restaurant that I’ve narrowed it down to. I am blissfully sitting there having lunch with a great friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a few years, and I have unknowingly lost my Railcard.  Oh the humanity.

New York City 2013


Car troubles. After 5 hours of our 12 hour drive the muffler decided to grow a hole. We taped it up every few hours with fancy sharp metal tape, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick. Not a good way to get things started.


Traffic in NYC was hellish and once we got there it was decidedly avoided.


And though the forecasts predicted a beautiful sunny weekend, it rained on us the entire time we were there. The driving on either end was hot and sunny though, so we could enjoy it from the interior of our noisy and unmuffled car.



So much rain!


The accidental $100.00 lunch in Greenwich. Whoops!


Getting lost in the financial district, even with a map and compass.


Our failed attempt at visiting the American Museum of Natural History, on a Sunday afternoon with only a hour or two to spare. Because that was going to happen. I got to see the lobby at least. 🙂


So the moral of the story is that no matter what seems to happen to dampen (in some cases quite literally) your spirit, never fear. There is always a great time to be had, you just need to be flexible, open minded and ready at any moment for change. A lot of what helped me through several of these sticky situations was a quick breather and a nice cup of coffee or tea. Whatever suits your fancy will easily do the trick!


Until next time my friends! Happy travels!

-Miss Hailey Jane







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