Tattoo’s, Tea and Woody Allen

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone. 

I was planning on enlightening you all by writing about Woody Allen’s movies (one a year! That guy’s intense!)  or why the woman down the hall never leaves her apartment, but I’m getting a bit tired of my social commentary. Particularly because it’s growing more uninformed and taking on a sort of narrow scope.

It’s a huge giant world we live in, with an endless bucket of possibilities, I don’t need to be writing about an old woman who’s given up on life, or the thematic genius of Allen’s European phase. The first just depresses me, while the second should inspire me to get out and have an adventure, but instead prompts me to spend more time looking into things on the internet. 

So with all of that behind me,  in the spur of the moment in a high after a brief depression, I booked myself an appointment to be permanently drawn on with needles. Hooray! This is not my first time, nor my second, but I am both excited and nervous at the same time and am not particularly looking forward to waiting a month. I kind of want it now. But such is life. 

More details and photo’s on that later, I promise. 

Here’s a hint, it’s going on my foot, and it’s not what’s up there in the photo at all. It’s very congruent with a theme that I write about often. Feel free to guess away, I may or may not tell you if you’re right. 😉

But what I would like to talk about today, is how fucking wonderful a hot cup of tea is. 

While there is not nearly enough Leonard Cohen in the world to cheer up a brooding twenty-something, my god there’ll always be tea there to save the day. Today’s instalment of hot caffeinated goodness involved a floating whimsical duck, and who doesn’t love whimsical ducks! I mean really?


Its’ whimsy knows no bounds!

That coupled with the hot refreshment of Teaopia’s *(Before Starbucks bought them out and called them Teavana) Creamed Earl Grey Tea, thoughtfully gifted from a brother I haven’t seen in an alarmingly long time, the day may well be recovered.  

Now all I need to do is look at cheap vacations online and dream about the magic that the world has to offer.  Apparently one can fly to Cuba for a week and it’s only 19.00 plus tax, that is if you leave in two days….tempting.  This is certainly the land of opportunity. 

Thanks everyone for hanging in there!  

I’ll be back with something a bit more useful soon!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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