SWANTS! They’re a Thing!


Sweater Pants

Pants made out of sweaters.

Words cannot describe how desperately society needs these right now.

My world has just been turned upside-down! Well, at least my current wardrobe options have.  What boggles my mind is why people have not thought of this before. Vibrant, visually overstimulating patterns on the bottom half of your body, but not on too tight tights that pretend they’re pants. Instead they are made of cozy knits! Wool, alpaca, warm natural fibres that will snuggle with your bottom all day long! Brilliant! Most certainly guaranteed to turn heads! (in what direction I cannot promise.)

Come on Canadians! I would have thought the rest of you would be all over this by now! But it appears Iceland has taken the medal for this one though.

If you have been forever inspired by this ground breaking phenomenon, here is a tutorial on how to make yourself a pair of these hyper-fashionable nether warmers! It’s also where I borrowed most of the photos.


I expect to see you all wearing a pair in the coming months.  There really is no other option.

Miss Hailey Jane

3 responses to “SWANTS! They’re a Thing!

  • Hughie Walker

    I’m sitting in a 430 year old house, way out in the Hertfordshire countryside, drinking strong tea, with milk (two tea bags of PG for one mug just about does it – try it with toast and marmalade. It wakes you up.) and just read all your writings. You made me laugh on a grim November day – ripping! .

    • haileyjw

      That sounds fantastic! Mind you, two tea bags per cup is pretty intense and I don’t think my father or grandmother would approve at all. But why not! Let’s go crazy! 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment, I really miss the English countryside quite a lot. So enjoy the rest of your crisp November day there for me! xx

      • hughie walker

        Here’s a late comment on your comment. If you you miss it, you should come – the Chiltern Hills are stunning any time of year! Here’s a thing you must try – one English Breakfast teabag and one Earl Grey teabag brewed for 4 minutes and add a small amount of milk. Muddy brown is not a good look for tea. Reddish brown is good. Drink it with baked beans on toast. If you add a little hot sauce to the beans, the tea is even more refreshing. You’ll realise now that I’m something of a tea fanatic. Possibly a little obsessive.

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