On Disappointment

on disappointment     My dog looks at me, eyes wide and piercing, stone still. Not even a twitch in her top lip…but I sit.    Still.    I say No. She knows I’m not moving.

Defeated she flops down at my feet and either naps or pretends to. She has lost, but neither of us are happy with the results of our efforts.

Life is full of things we’d all rather be doing but a lot of the time it just doesn’t work out in our favour.

I’ve felt those piercing eyes of disappointment many times. Every time it hurts me, because of my attempts to keep the collection of parties involved content.  Happy.  At bay.

Compromise isn’t always an option. I wish it were.

The morning light shines on the world I now call home, and it is Beautiful. The sun will come up again on those who have been left wanting, and they will eventually forget; Move on.

Everyone moves on.

People are fluid. Viscous. Parts of them drip and stain the lives of others. As long as one avoids drowning in them, then the storms will pass. And the grass will be greener for it.

-Hailey Jane


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