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Miss Hailey Jane

Miss Hailey Jane

Writer, Blogger, Desperate Apartment-‘Wife’, World & Life Traveler.


H. BSc. Anthropology & Psychology

Trent University, 2010

So you want to know about me then eh? Well I’ll have you know that I am full of all sorts of encouragement for people getting to know each other.  To understand the basis of acquaintance, we need to narrow down what information is important and what is not.

Lets start with what defines a person, because if we’re on completely different pages in that department, this relationship just won’t work.  There are many ways to look at a person. Are you your job, what you are paid to do? Are you what you are not paid to do but do anyway? Are you what you choose to do with your personal time or are you a compilation of what you do for others? Are you your sense of humour, and the front you put up in the presence of others? Or are you just you, all the time? Are you who you’re dating, the other half of someone else, who your friends are, who your family is?

All are available perspectives of analysis, and picking and choosing which ones to use to collect data will each result in a different opinion of who you are creating a mental picture of, or ‘schema’ (Thank you second year Psychology classes).

So who do you want me to be?

Well, I am not my job, but I’m also not what I do day by day. I am not me for me’s sake, and I’m not me for your sake either. I’m not what I went to school for, and I’m not what jobs I’ve had in the past. I am not my boyfriend, I am not my family and I am not my friends.

I am what I feel, and this changes daily.

I base what I view myself as on how I feel. Emotions rule my mind and heart, steer my decisions and manage my actions. My amygdala has a mind of it’s own.  When I am happy I am amazing and the best thing to happen to the human race, and when I am sad I become dead to the world. And that’s just how it is. I want to be a way for you to feel. I am spontaneous and the search for pleasure and happiness is a quest I shall never stray from.

Adventure is my calling, yet there are more things holding me back than I am comfortable with.  I am a realist and a hypocrite, an optimist but a masochist and a hedonist with a compassionate demeanour. I am everything to some and nothing to others. I am not afraid to write it down. So this is my medium. This is where the rumble of an educated mind boils over. It may burn but I promise it will be delicious.

One response to “About the Author

  • Melanie Wright

    Just delightful, Hailey. You have an excellent way with words and your topics are both enlightening and entertaining. You’ve left me wanting more. I think you might have found an outlet for your witty and creative mind and I’m glad you’ve decided to put ‘pen to paper’ as it were. Man, I’m so proud of you 🙂

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