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SWANTS! They’re a Thing!


Sweater Pants

Pants made out of sweaters.

Words cannot describe how desperately society needs these right now.

My world has just been turned upside-down! Well, at least my current wardrobe options have.  What boggles my mind is why people have not thought of this before. Vibrant, visually overstimulating patterns on the bottom half of your body, but not on too tight tights that pretend they’re pants. Instead they are made of cozy knits! Wool, alpaca, warm natural fibres that will snuggle with your bottom all day long! Brilliant! Most certainly guaranteed to turn heads! (in what direction I cannot promise.)

Come on Canadians! I would have thought the rest of you would be all over this by now! But it appears Iceland has taken the medal for this one though.

If you have been forever inspired by this ground breaking phenomenon, here is a tutorial on how to make yourself a pair of these hyper-fashionable nether warmers! It’s also where I borrowed most of the photos.

I expect to see you all wearing a pair in the coming months.  There really is no other option.

Miss Hailey Jane


Like clockwork, as the first day of fall rolled by, the trees curled up for their winter sleep and began to litter the side streets with their refuse. It crunches as I walk along the road, beneath my feet.  It is a happy sound, a heart warming smell. It’s sweater weather once again and the season of hot coco, fall drives and Jack and cider’s is upon us. The past summer’s knitting can finally be worn with pride, and  inspiration can be found around every crisp and wind swept corner.

The world is moving forward, and I feel like I am too.

September is such a perfect month, holding within it the bitter-sweet dregs of summer and the new beginnings of fall. It comes with the smell of back to school shopping, and the excitement of starting a new school year for all those lucky enough to be thrown into a new group of eager learners, making lifelong friends in the process. Thanksgiving then bears it’s head and promises delicious and copious meals that are to be shared with loved ones,  and near the end of September the Halloween decorations begin to come about and entice the creative genius within to come up with another show stopping costume.

It is a month of change, adjustment and fresh starts. It encourages us, and rewards us with memories we will never forget. Smells take hold and lace our brain, triggering emotions for the rest of our lives.  It’s the little things, it’s always the little things. In the fall there’s no stopping to smell the roses, the smells of life surround us constantly, as we swim through the soup that is the essence of purpose in our existence. And somewhere within the thickness of it all, there is happiness.

-Miss Hailey Jane

A Woolly Problem

Alright knitters! I need your help!

I have a skein of fantastic, soft, luscious, wonderful, green, handspun merino wool. And I can’t decide what to make out of it! The horror!  It’s about 398 yards/191 grams.

I desperately want to have something splendiferous created before next spring when I see the woman who spun it again, as I promised to show her what I made. I know that’s a lot of time, but I’m leaving in lots of time so I can practice my procrastination. (Not that my procrastination skills need work at all...)

So, what I’m asking of all of you, after looking at the beauty of this skein, is to please suggest what you think it should be turned into.

What would YOU do?

So pretty!


You should know I already have several scarves and mitten related things, and am still afraid of turning heels. I am working on a poncho (much to the horror of my mother’s fashion sense), but I want this lonely skein of sheepie loveliness to feature prominently. It looks so lovely as a skein I’m almost afraid of ruining it by making something out of it. But that’s really not the point, now is it?

The colour can be seen better here. Also, you can see a section of the poncho.

All opinions and forms of motivation are warmly welcome!

And to quote the best Disney movie ever (except for Fantasia):

“My fate rests in your lovely hands!”

Thanks muchly!

-Miss Hailey Jane

Knitter and Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

Weekend Socks

A Weekend Sock is something very special. A Weekend Sock is always there to make you smile and shine a light on your day. A Weekend Sock is something everyone should have in their life…ideally two of them. Weekend Socks, are the future of sockiness.

What I am rambling about, my dear friends, are the wonders of a relatively recent discovery of mine, deemed “The Weekend Sock”. This discovery has thus brought upon the purest of happiness during various moments in the darkest of days. And some weren’t even weekends. *Gasp*

Ladies hold on to your teacups and men, get a firm grip on your monocles, for what I am about to tell you will likely induce an exasperated sigh of disbelief, or far worse, a “Well…I never!”.

It began last fall, right around the time I was learning to knit. I was introduced to the variety of different fibres things could be made out of. In the past I hadn’t given it much thought at all…Cotton was ok but shrunk funny, Wool was itchy, and Polyester packed well. That was about the extent of my knowledge. Well wasn’t I wrong…turns out there was a world of different textures and materials waiting for me to discover them.

Day after day I was waking up for work, in my cabin in the dark, literally freezing my butt to our loo’s, then throwing on as many layers as I could including the ‘oh’ so unglamorous work socks. You all know what I’m talking about. The kind of socks our Dad’s have put on every day of their lives since we could remember. The traditional grey with white and red band at the top. The smelly and slightly crusty texture after only a day’s use ‘socks’. That was them. And as much as I tried to feel an emotional connection to them, there was no way I could have a healthy relationship with these socks, it just wasn’t in the stars for us. They were like that boy in our class who we were partnered with constantly. Perfectly decent guy, did the job well, was more than useful, but kinda smelled.

So this was how my days went for the several weeks at the beginning. Setting out every morning and cringing as I slid my (already thin socked) foot into the uncomfortable, ill-fitting footwear disaster, and then into the even less aromatically pleasing work boot. Oh the humanity!

Then, one not so special day I went to the local department store, and discovered the most fantastic thing. Not only were there work socks of better quality that dealt with the smell, but they were pink!  DONE! Now, at ten bux for two pair it seems a little steep, but I had to have them. And that would have been all she wrote, and the world would have turned around again having only changed in the slightest little way, hardly noticed. But there were stronger powers a foot, and my eyes were drawn to a very similar pair of socks, yet these would change my life forever. They were the same make as the work socks. were also pink and pretty, but were made of the fluffiest little bunny fur!  Thus ‘Angora’ presented itself to my world. What a beautiful day that was. So soft, so fluffy, so clean, so perfect. But there was NO WAY these would ever touch the inside of my work boots. Not a snowballs chance in Jamaica, as my old History teacher would say. So, these precious balls of fluffy happiness were saved only for the weekends, when I no longer had to awake and throw on my boots. Hence the term “Weekend Socks”.

This was how “Weekend Socks” were born. They were defined as a special pair of socks that I could not wear during the week because of work and saved for the weekend.

Once I moved out of the cold frozen North on the cusp of winter, my love of special soft warm fibres was stronger than ever. And along with my new knitting skills, I put them to work with a dream of one day knitting my own Angora Weekend Socks. But without the adverse foot conditions every day, primarily not having the need for work boots regularly, the concept of the Weekend Socks needed modified. And so it came to be known that weekend socks would have been the type of sock saved for the weekend in the old conditions, but now could be enjoyed on any day of the week.

So now I present to you, the idea of the Weekend Sock, and ask you to steal a little slice of happiness for yourself, and get yourself some Weekend Socks. You can save them for the weekend, for bumming around the house. Perhaps you have cold hardwood floors, and want the fluffiest, thickest socks you can find to double as slippers? Weekend Socks can do that! You know how to knit and have a pile of socks you made yourself and love to death? Sounds like Weekend Socks to me! Perhaps you have a uniform at work that doesn’t allow any fun whatsoever in the foot department? Don’t worry, Weekend Socks can do that too! They can be fluffy, stripy, knitty, silly, toe-y, or just straight up crazy. Weekend Socks are something that make you happy to see and waking up and saying to yourself “YES! Today is a day for Weekend Socks!” can really be one of the best ways to start just about any day.

Spread the love and let me know how it goes!

"Well...I never!"

Vive les sox de la week-end!

-Miss Hailey Jane

A Knit Fit

Anyone who knows anything about me and my behaviour lately will know of my recent obsession with tying sequential knots in string repeatedly and excessively, completely satisfying my urge to create order in our chaotic universe and subsequently my undiagnosed OCD.

Knitting and I met by accident. Like that random person you were never supposed to meet while you were on vacation, but you just had to stay a little later at that bar, or that pet you were never supposed to adopt but it was just too damn cute to let go of in the store. Turns out meeting knitting was also a lot less expensive or full of emotional regret than the former. Once knitting and I met it was love at first knit, and I was hooked. Since my Canadian Wilderness Adventure last fall, working for an Archaeological company in the deep woods of Thunder Bay, living in a wooden framed canvas cabin and waking up in sub-zero temperatures, a bond between me and the fuzz of temperature locking fibres was forged. I was taught by a co-worker who had previously picked it up, and, soon our little group of ladies was known for being the knitters in the dining tent. “A Stitch and Bitch” as my boss liked to refer to it. Aww; times were good…

On a more broad and wide spectrum, the feeling of learning a useful and applicable life skill comes with a certain sense of satisfaction. So what if I can perform complex statistical analysis of variance’s, or name every bone in the human body, or predict past human settlement hot spots due to proximity to a water and land formations. Knowing how to knit is a skill that can help save my life in the event of an apocalypse! I should put that on my resume! For once in the entirety of my educational career, I have learned something useful! And it didn’t even cost me tuition!  Maybe that’s the true meaning of success.

A new creative outlet was uncovered, the possibilities endless! My first project was a little tedious, wonky, and caused me more pain than I think it was supposed to. But in the end, after weeks of poking my fingers with the stupid needles, it was worth it and I ended up with a beautifully odd and eccentric ‘Special Scarf’ which I wear to this day.

 So, projects began presenting them selves faster than I could complete them after that.

Special scarf, wash cloth series, purple ribbed hat (circular needles), Alpaca hat for my man, purple mittens to match hat, Birthday Earth Tone Scarf for friend, crazy colour scarf for Mother’s Christmas Prezzie, Washcloths all around (stocking stuffers) x6, non-special scarf, baby blanket for baby shower, slouchy beige beanie. I think that’s everything I’ve done so far…not even mentioning the things I’ve got warming the bench, waiting for their moment. So stay tuned for knitty updates hopefully with photos.

Hooray for Hobbies!

If you have ever been toying with the idea of learning to knit, which I know a lot of people have, I say go for it! Really! Just do it! It’s really not that hard to do like a lot of people think, and it’s so rewarding. Think about it…you can make things! whatever things you can think to make! I will warn you though, it will change your shopping experiences forever, “I’m not paying that much if I can make it myself!” will become a regular phrase in your life. You have been forewarned.

So knit away! There are tons of free patterns online and SO many How-To videos, it’s really rather idiot-proof.

And let me know how it goes! 🙂

If I can do it, so can you! 🙂

– Miss Hailey Jane