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An Announcement: The good news is I’m no longer ‘Tea Racist’!

I’ve done it.  I’ve become one of THOSE people. All of the years I was militantly against it, have turned around in my face and left me a big shiny hypocrite. I’ve been doing it in secret for a long time, but I have to admit it now, there is no more hiding the fact that I, Miss Hailey Jane…

…put milk in my tea.

Yes, that is correct. Milk, people….Milk! The creamy substance that exists for the sole purpose of nourishing baby cows, and I have the audacity to dump it in my tea!

I’m sorry Grandma, that my tea is no longer lightly steeped, and served in fragile china teacups. I’m sorry there is no longer the opportunity to scoop the ‘money’ or tiny cluster of bubbles off the top of a perfectly poured cup. And I’m so sorry to have to admit that yes, I caught myself….squeezing the teabag of all things! *GASP!* It’s a horror of horrors, I know…I know.  And I don’t have a good enough excuse for you. It just happened.

I can try to blame England all I like for just throwing the milk in there like that’s the way a tea is supposed to be, but I can’t do that. This one is all on me.

What Mom likes to call ‘dishwater’ just doesn’t cut it for me anymore in the breakfast beverage department, and I have gotten into the habit of steeping the teabag beyond an inch of its’ life. I use one bag for a big honking mug, and a spoon will nearly stand up in the stuff by the time I’m through with it. So when I would pour the dash of milk into the blackness of the cup, the soft brown colour seems to erupt from below like a beautiful blossom of caffeinated goodness, and what could possibly be so bad about that? (Other than the abject betrayal of everything the family has ever stood for of course)

"Well...I never!"

“Well…I never!”

So there is where I stand right now on the ‘milk in tea’ debate. It’s no longer just black for me, it’s white, brown, black, green, yellow, blue, anything the world of tea can throw at me! I am an equal opportunity tea consumer!

I understand if I need to be disowned on account of the treachery, and I silently hate myself with every sip. But will take the long walk, milky tea in hand, and share the goodness that is tea with the willing of the world. And in this world of freedom of choice and equality, it will be for them to decide the colour of their tea.

This has been an announcement.

-Miss Hailey Jane

You Can Blink


A world gestates denial,

of encompassing truth.

Ideals forget, drifting apart from

a necessity from youth.


Monstrous cubes, organized paths,

percolate gusto and skill.

Lonely steps, meaningless greetings,

lives carry along solitary will.


Caffeinated enthusiasm,

dollar sign views.

Canid nourishes canid,

no air for feline blues.


Golden orbs arc, never relent

time quickens, space shrinks.

An ultimate goal, entitled reward,

collective unconscious thinks;


From solitary success, The Universe blinks?







-Miss Hailey Jane