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Potholes on the Road to Adventure

With any trip, there are always bound to be some things that just bloody well go wrong, no matter what you seem to do to avoid it. Here is a quick log of things that I have had the pleasure of sorting out along my travels throughout the years. If I can come through this mess in one piece I’m confident you can too! I apologize in advance, as this post is heavily laden with photos.

Greece 2006

100_0617 - Copy

Nearly being stranded on the Island of Aegina due to a faulty watch operator and poor timing in general catching the departing boat


Getting scolded by a little man in a small wooden box for filming in an ancient theatre ruin at Delphi.


Being chased by a perturbed pack-laden donkey on the Greek Island Hydra.


Holding the Greek Flag backwards in a group photo. (Photo mirrored to preserve pride and intelligence)


England 2010


Getting lost within the vast network of London’s rail system, waiting at Charring Cross Station for rescue.



Being horribly hungover throughout a day trip through London. (Also see Throwing Up at London Bridge Train Station for further entertainment.)


Getting lost and choosing wrong entrance to the Natural History Museum while trying to meet someone. Silly me to assume a museum only had one front door.


Horribly inclement weather, ruining many a train trip.

England Winter 2011

This whole trip started off in the wrong direction with a 12 hour flight delay, in which I was required to wait in the airport, for 12 hours, with nothing to amuse me other than the contents of my carry on. This was difficult.


This particular incident needs to be read to be fully understood. (The Poo!)


Running like wild banshees to catch the last train from Shrewsbury to Welshpool, and making it in the nick of time. Exhaustion followed.


Cows in the road

Cuba 2011


Dodgy hotel room with a dangerously located television set that was prone to bashing you in the head if you weren’t careful. We relocated the following day. 


My sisters first experience with fresh guava left more to be desired I feel.


My other sisters experience with a slightly less than stable cot.

England Summer 2011


Again a bad start to the trip, with a few hour departure delay, entirely different flights as well as airport terminals than my travel buddy at both ends. Thank goodness for cellular telephone technology.


More Poo! She was also unknowingly sitting in some at this point.


Being in London around the same time as the riots in several English cities that year was a small bit unnerving.  I luckily managed to avoid it.

England 2013


The absolute worst thing that happened on this trip was loosing my Railcard and a pair of return tickets half way through my trip. It was at this point, at this restaurant that I’ve narrowed it down to. I am blissfully sitting there having lunch with a great friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a few years, and I have unknowingly lost my Railcard.  Oh the humanity.

New York City 2013


Car troubles. After 5 hours of our 12 hour drive the muffler decided to grow a hole. We taped it up every few hours with fancy sharp metal tape, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick. Not a good way to get things started.


Traffic in NYC was hellish and once we got there it was decidedly avoided.


And though the forecasts predicted a beautiful sunny weekend, it rained on us the entire time we were there. The driving on either end was hot and sunny though, so we could enjoy it from the interior of our noisy and unmuffled car.



So much rain!


The accidental $100.00 lunch in Greenwich. Whoops!


Getting lost in the financial district, even with a map and compass.


Our failed attempt at visiting the American Museum of Natural History, on a Sunday afternoon with only a hour or two to spare. Because that was going to happen. I got to see the lobby at least. 🙂


So the moral of the story is that no matter what seems to happen to dampen (in some cases quite literally) your spirit, never fear. There is always a great time to be had, you just need to be flexible, open minded and ready at any moment for change. A lot of what helped me through several of these sticky situations was a quick breather and a nice cup of coffee or tea. Whatever suits your fancy will easily do the trick!


Until next time my friends! Happy travels!

-Miss Hailey Jane






“You’re Leaving Again?” And Other Adventurous Updates

Some may call me frivolous, impatient, chronically unsatisfied, but I just call me spectacular!



I know I haven’t even got to telling you all about my last adventure in any detail whatsoever, but look at me, I’m planning another trip just like that! This one is smaller and bigger at the same time for reasons I will divulge shortly. The destination is going to be none other than one of the most famous cities in the world, New York, New York baby!

It is a small trip because we’re only going for four days, and one and a half of those days will be driving. There are four of us going…and here’s the big part….CHRIS IS COMING!  Yep…that’s right….you heard me correctly, he’s going to vacation!  With me!  He even booked time off work so we could all go together!

Now, he may just be doing it because all the cool kids are, or because he’s been watching too much Doctor Who with me lately, but that’s besides the point. This is the first serious trip that we’re going on together and I’m hoping it’ll be the spark that leads to so  many more trips in the near and distant future!

Within our short time frame we’ll see the sights and do all we can possibly do before it’s time to turn back. It’s certainly a place you need to say you’ve seein, and it’s not the sort of place I think I’d enjoy for the first time when I’m seventy, so off we go.  My comrades are not huge museum fans, so unfortunately I think the natural history museum will be out of bounds, which is almost the end of the world because I know it’s a pretty snazzy operation (and everyone knows how much I love dead things). But It’ll be a reason to return one day though, if the rest of the place grows on me.

Any other sight recommendations and “must do’s” while in the Big Apple?

As for my England excursion, I’ll let you know that I did choose Oxford over Cambridge, and it was a good choice. Details and photo’s of that trip to come, as well as a lovely and eye poppingly exciting encounter in London to top it all off.

Thanks everyone for being wonderful, and fellow Ontarians, enjoy the springie sunshine! Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to in my down time lately, which include pretty trees, new hair, and lunch at a cute place in Walkerville called The Twisted Apron which does a mean Pulled Pork sandwich.






Yum this thing is good....

Yum this thing is good….


-Miss Hailey Jane

P.S. Mom, I know you’re both jealous and impressed at the same time, but we won’t be renting a red convertible, and there will be boys, but us girls are running the show for sure.  😀

And I’m Back!


After a fortnight in old Blighty, I successfully made it back to Canada and have been running around like a directionally challenged chicken with its’ head cut off, ever since.

Crossing half the country twice and a bit can really take it out of you.

A Quick list of things I learned while on Holiday:

-I am allergic to relaxing for more than three seconds when in a different country.

-If I’m going to misplace something, it’s going to be REALLY important and too expensive to replace. (I.e. my Railcard)

-After years of mocking and scoffing, I now secretly like the Twilight films and One Direction.

-I can eat broccoli without vomiting!

-Nutella is AMAZING!

-Famous people just walk around the streets like they live there or something, instead of that magical place in the sky that I believe all TV creatures go to when they call it a day.

-Suitcases can fall out of a bus at top speed on the highway and survive with ‘but a scratch’.

-British plumbing is my arch nemesis.

-I don’t know how we survive at home without pick and mix, and Jammie Dodgers.

-You can buy someone’s old glass eyeballs in Lewes if you want to.

-Airplanes now interior decorate in the fashion of nightclubs.

-Heels and cobblestones don’t mix well

-I’m still super good at sneaking around places I’m not supposed to be.

-I wish I went to school at Oxford….Sorry Trent, we can still be friends though.

-I look a bit too comfortable in a peasant costume, which has weakened my belief in my ultimate destiny of world domination.

-You can be 11 kilometres up in the air and still wave at someone out the window.

-Dogs can go to pubs? What madness is this?

-Canadian bookstores have A LOT to learn about being awesome…

-Vegemite tastes like Marmite, but worse 😛







-Miss Hailey Jane

And I’m AWAY!

Up up and away!

Up up and away!


In just about 20 hours I will be landing on English soil.  That is, after two buses, the train and then the flight of course, but that’s besides the point. With most things packed I’m nearly ready to go. I’m all set to have my circadian rhythm thrown off like the panties of a lady of the night, and to have sleep be a thing for those who have nothing better to do.

I will update when I can, most certainly when I get back.

Wish me luck! 😀

-Miss Hailey Jane

Zen and the Art of Packing

I’ve got a week to get my shit together, think I can do it?

A common female problem...

A common female problem…

It’s the beginning of the EPIC LIST phase of travel preparation. Ideally I would have all of this on paper weeks ago, but where’s the stress in that? So here I am, 8 days to departure, ‘listing’ like it’s going out of style!

It’s like the act of making the list is useful and counts as getting something done. I also think that is procrastinator logic at its best.

So to give you an idea where my head has been lately…apparently reading Harry Potter and shopping for boots is taking precedence over calling my credit card company and locking down the travel insurance situation. If I don’t get on that soon I’m told a policy will be taken out ON me, and the benefits will be reaped when I kill myself in a horrifying Cream Tea accident or at the hands of a disgruntled Beefeater who didn’t appreciate my insights on relocating for enough time for me to get to wear that neat crowny thing for a little while. C’est le vie.

That being said I have done the basics. I bought pounds already, which was depressing and I hope I remember that while I spend them frivolously; and I’ve got the wardrobe covered. Not the wooden boxy thing, although one of those that magically transported me over the ocean would be more than handy. Power converter has also been obtained, ink for printer to print train and bus tickets has also been taken care of, and I dusted off my ‘out of country’ mobile phone. I swear that Nokia would survive the apocalypse.

I’m downsizing this year and only taking the basics, so instead of half of a library, only one or two books is going to have to do. No more than the BARE ESSENTIAL clothing is making it into that suitcase, no matter how much I think I’ll need those suede high heels, that second pair of plaid pants, the third..maybe fourth black turtleneck (What can I say? it’s my nature) or the black dress that I will almost certainly not even wear. If I have to hurl that case onto a moving train, I swear it’s going to make it this time. And ideally won’t get stuck as often in the paddles at the stations. That was a bit embarrassing.

As much as people despise packing for these sorts of things, I think it’s kinda fun, albeit mean to all of the items that end up as “the weakest link” and get a very over-dramatic boot, because that’s clearly what my life is like.

I just need to purchase enough maple syrup/maple candy to both gag and drown a beaver, then I’ll be basically all set to go!….basically.

Wish me luck, and let’s hope my inner organization demon shows its’ ugly head and possesses me long enough to get me off in one piece!


Miss Hailey Jane

Oxford or Cambridge?


The days are creeping by at their usual rate, and with the passing of each one I’m getting that much closer to my departure date.  I’m so freakin’ excited I can’t even handle it.  That being said, I thought I should start laying out the broad plan of my two week stay, and found some space in the middle that would be perfect for a little adventure of my own.

I’ve always wanted to visit Oxford and Cambridge. Everything about what they were in their glory days just makes me beam with satisfaction. Yes I’m all too aware of the sexist and classist nature of their origins, but to think of the sheer number of people I admire that have come out of there just boggles my brain.  Not to mention the leg meltingly beautiful campuses…and I haven’t even really seen them yet.

A bit of background for you too, the University in Canada that I attended, Trent University, is based on the Oxford and Cambridge College system. This means that in your first year you will live in a building that is called a college, and will always be associated with that college through out your years at the University.  Your academic advisor’s are all in that building (if you could find them), your food usually came from there, there were inter-college rivalries, tournaments and  of course some classes were held within the building as well.

Champlain College at Trent University

Champlain College at Trent University on a snowy day.

The most important thing about the college system though, was how you made your friends that first year.  Ninety percent of the people I knew from school had made friend circles strictly within their college. Most other Universities seem to facilitate friendships within one’s program, who you take classes with and so on, but at Trent we lived and shared most of our experiences outside of class, with the people who shared our College. Mine was called Lady Eaton.

The similarities to the Oxford and Cambridge template did not stop there, we even hosted a huge rowing tournament on the Otonabee River called Head of the Trent which was a major event each year. Teams from across Ontario came and competed for the prestigious title, and all year round we would see rowers up at the crack of dawn practising for it.

My point in all this being the Oxford and Cambridge system of schooling is subconsciously ingrained in me and I had always secretly dreamed of going there some day. It’s too late for me to attend classes (unless I sneak into one…which would be an AWESOME IDEA), but gosh darn it, I’m gonna visit! The problem is I think I only have time to tackle one of them and am having a hard time choosing.

Cambridge is the one that stands out at first, being the home of such greats as David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, Douglas Adams, Nabokov, Isaac Newton, Laurie & Fry, Darwin,  Cleese & Idle just to name a few off the top of my head. After looking at the list…It’s just ridiculous.



Oxford though, holds the names of Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, Oscar Wilde, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, Hugh Grant, Neil MacGregor…again the list just goes on and on.  How on earth am I going to choose between the two?



It will likely boil down to which location fits better along my travel plans, and that’s looking like Oxford on the way-ish from London to Coventry, but I would love to make the time to see them both. And dont worry, I”ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back!

I’m open to opinions and if anyone has a story or recommendation, please, I’d love to hear it!

Wish me luck!


Miss Hailey Jane

Taking This Show On The Road!

Hey wonderful people who like coming here to read what I say! I’ve got a bit of news that’s rather exciting, and I thought I would share it with you. I have commissioned a design for cards to help the non-internet world, and lead them towards the goodness that is here. The cards are soon to be printed, and I wanted to give you all a sneak peak at what they will look like. Fee free to provide feedback in the comments.

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 11.48.47 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 6.55.41 PM

These will also become VERY handy while I’m….wait for it….back in ENGLAND! That’s right folks, I’m taking this show on the road! I’ve got another excursion planned, booked (but not quite yet paid for), for the end of March of this year. So if you’re from that part of the world (South East England-ish) and want to do a meet and greet, see the sights and have adventures shoot me an email and I’ll set something up.


-Miss Hailey Jane

Random Things That Happened in England, Completely Out of Context: Part Three

An ass-backwards random look into my third trip to England. Enjoy!


A sneaky man in a pith helmet or ‘Archaeology Hat’ as I enjoy calling them, in a bookstore at the plane station. I severely regret not asking him where he was going.


Fascinator photo shoot time!


“Flowers come from the country Charles…”


I could get used to this…


Ok…that’s enough of that.


Random guy in Southend who tried to make us think he was a big shot because he worked as a banker. I worry that this is a pick up line…what could possible be more boring and uninteresting. Financial planner? Sod cutter? Environmental engineer in charge of bubble wrap production? (That last one might actually have perks..)


For sale! Brand new, completely destroyed, mock designer, giant shade producing spectacles!


Ugly dress contest…Bjork’s second choice.


Round two, Squashtastic!


Wine? Yes…blame the wine.


Christmas Party Menu…interesting….it’s August.


Mobile exploded in the V&A. Bits went everywhere. Humour.


Mr. Friendly Squirrel!


Sherlock on stilts. He was a bit pretentious actually.


Woo hoo! Castle ruins!


Renaissance fan art..


Crispy kitty. Found in the walls, supposed to protect against mice I think.


Gloomy puppy, loved a good scratch.


Woo! Flailing happy ‘I’m at a castle’ dance.


I’m a slave….Surprised? I’m not…




Castle toilet…it’s where the poop goes.


Cleavage in a turtleneck!


The Romans do good work, they do.


I think fur is my colour…


OMG Shoes!


The old man who works here is on my list of most awesome people ever…


This boy/man/male specimen was sitting on this bench outside of St Pauls for a strangely long time, drawing the dome on a napkin. It was actually a really good drawing, but I was unable to get a photo of it without being creepy. So instead I just hid and watched him from a distance for a while. Which clearly isn’t creepy at all.


Hilarious exhaustion.


Secret roof hiding space that I hadn’t known existed and was wayy to amused by upon its’ discovery.


And more wine!

There, mua hahaha, have fun making up stories about all of this madness. Or at least creating a coherent timeline of realistic events.


-Hailey Jane

Random Things That Happened in England Completely Out of Context: Part Two




Narwhal Face!


Yeap, that’s a dead sheep. Seagulls are the new vultures.


Innocent enough, but I am in fact standing in poo unknowingly. Read more HERE.


Once again, I was touching something I wasn’t supposed to. There were angry noises coming from the other side of the old door. My bad.


Beer faces


Yeah, I took a picture of a defibrillator.




Just to reiterate, it’s a cow..on the road. Oh Wales.


Free ice cream, in the rain, in February!


You read that right…it says GROPE.


I’m classy like that.


No birds were harmed in the making of this…puff.


A little crooked house. I’m a little in love with it. Hanging paintings would be a pain though.


Ziggy! The ugliest most adorable ball of soot coloured fluff you’ll ever find.


And floury boobs! Hooray!

-Miss Hailey Jane

Some Random Things that Happened in England, Completely Out of Context – Part One

Ahh! David Attenborough! <3

Ahh! David Attenborough! ❤

Rogue Dinosaurs in England! Title of my new book I think? Hell yeah!

Rogue Dinosaurs in England! Title of my new book I think? Hell yeah!

Erotically caressing the Rosetta Stone...Yeah I did that....(it was the touchy replica...keep your pants on)

Erotically caressing the Rosetta Stone…Yeah I did that….(it was the touchy replica…keep your pants on)

Herman Ze German ...what else can I say? AWESOME

Herman Ze German …what else can I say? AWESOME

Buahh! Surprise flash!

Buahh! Surprise flash!

Mr. Bones in a provocative pose, slash unflattering angle.

Mr. Bones in a provocative pose, slash unflattering angle.

Knife juggler in Bath. "Yeah, I juggle knives...no big deal."

Knife juggler in Bath. “Yeah, I juggle knives…no big deal.”



SNOW! It wasn’t really all that much though.

A very suave Mr. Bones in Camden Town

Spontaneous bra shopping! *Intense*

Spontaneous bra shopping! *Intense*

I never thought I'd meet a rock that was as fond of baked goods as this little guy.

I never thought I’d meet a rock that was as fond of baked goods as this little guy.
I dont even....yeah.

I dont even….yeah.

Best antique text book ever!

Best antique text book ever!

Squirrel Jokes

“Just chilling in Hyde Park, and then a squirrel ran up my leg”….
“Hold on….say squirrel again”
“What, ok, squuurl?”..
“Ha! You say it funny!”
Thus the beginning of never ending Squirrel jokes.

Ohh Harrods, You've fallen prey to the inevitable, mullets and handlebars. It's the future!

Ohh Harrods, You’ve fallen prey to the inevitable, mullets and handlebars. It’s the future!

Don't we all love getting fiddled at! A Covent Garden adventure.

Don’t we all love getting fiddled at! A Covent Garden adventure.

And that was some of my random adventures without any context what so ever! Any questions, I will address them in the comments section…maybe.  Only if you’re good.

Stay tuned for Parts Two and Three in the coming weeks.

Miss Hailey Jane