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A Painting and Words: My own Van Gogh and upcoming reads.


Hello friends!

Happy Tuesday…..Wednesday…it’s Wednesday…I’m special.  I’ve had some extra free time this week because my job doesn’t take me seriously whatsoever, so I felt the need to pretend I was useful. In all honesty I may have just ended up sitting at my desk thinking about doing something; basking in the glory of untapped potential, but the apartment maintenance man came in to fix the door, and I am alarmingly motivated when being watched.  I felt an extreme and deep need to show this random stranger that I was actually a productive member of human society.

You rarely would see me move so swiftly or gracefully. I glided over to where I kept my art supplies and before I had even really decided that I was going to paint something, I had the paint and canvas out, pencils and blotting paper collected, bowl of water ready to be dipped into and away I went.

The subject of this potential artwork came to me even more easily which is annoying because otherwise I would have sat and mulled over it until I eventually convinced myself not to do anything at all. For some reason earlier this week I decided I wanted a Van Gogh Sunflowers phone case for my new walking-talking device, and I had been trying to find one online (Which I did, but I didn’t feel like shelling out 20 bux plus shipping for it just now) But, the idea of having my very own Van Gogh seemed even more appealing! Unfortunately I didn’t have any trips to the National Gallery in London planned, and my thievery and espionage skills leave something to be desired. The easiest way really, was to paint one myself.

IMG_5133Ta Da!

IMG_5150Makes me happy, it does.

I also partook in some used book thrifting last Saturday, and found something I swear I’ve had in my Amazon basket for a year and a half now!  Bonus: It was only $3.95! Hells yeah! Here’s the stack:

IMG_5153All purchased at the Goodwill Bookstore, Lauzon Rd. Windsor ON.

In The Garden with Van Gogh – Merberg/Bober – A children’s board book, in the event I have a baby I want this to be their first book. There’s not chance I’m ever gifting this one ( .95 cents)

Animal Farm – George Orwell – A classic that for some horrifying reason I’ve not read yet. ($1.95)

London – Edward Rutherfurd – An epic about the ENTIRE history of the city….literally from when the earth formed the little island. It’s gonna be good! Might take me my whole life to read, but darn it I’m gonna do it! ($3.95)

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul – Deborah Rodriguez – I’m not 100% sold on this one, I’m not exactly a fan of reading about war-torn countries, but I like the culture surrounding a coffee shop, so I think it might be inspiring. ($3.95)

Haunted – Chuck Palahniuk – This is the one I’ve been toying with paying full price for. I read a few of the stories while I was in High School and I know it’s strange and downright fucked up sometimes, but I really really love it. It’s life changing stuff right there. At least when you’re a confused 16 year old. We’ll see if it works the same nearly a decade later. ($3.95)

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin S. Sharma – At first glance Chris saw this and proclaimed “Well that looks like it’s stupid!”, and I knew that was going to happen, as he is a narrow minded consumerist particularly obsessed with automobiles, but I think I will love it. It’s already a very successful book, so I imagine there’s got to be something good in there.  My only worry is, I’m not a fan of how ‘self-help-ie’ it has been laid out like. I would prefer more of a narrative, where you take what you want from the story, as opposed to having life lessons shoved down your throat. I’ll let you know when I finish. ($3.95)

Under the Tuscan Sun – Francis Mayes – I’ve also almost bought this book at least 4 times and I finally and broke down and handed over my 4 dollars.  Now it’s mine. I’ve seen the film at least 15 times, and I love everything about it. Sticking to the idea that the book is always better, I’m looking forward to enjoying this even more. Gotta love a good old fashioned mid-life-crisis induced life change! ($3.95)

Thanks for spending some time with me and my library!

Lots of love! xx

Hailey Jane


I’m Going to Be a Horrible Person and Do A ‘Haul’ Post…

No judging..

The reason I cracked and decided it would be a good idea to do a post on the spoils of shopping, was because I was in need of some serious retail therapy this week and I was alarmingly successful. I found all of these lovely things, and have no one to share their wonders with. The boy really isn’t too interested, he tries to feign enthusiasm, but it’s all a lie really.

I had a surprise day off this week, so I went to the mall in search of a pair of sunglasses that I had deeply regretted not buying weeks ago, and when you’re still thinking about an item several weeks after walking past it, it’s a good reason to go back and get it. If only to help you sleep at night.

Here are the sleep depriving sunglasses in question.


Aren’t they lovely? I hope you think so, because I know of at least four people in my social circle that will call them many things ranging from ridiculous  to just plain ugly. But haters gonna hate.  They’re from Laura, a clothing retailer here in Canada. I couldn’t find them online, but that really doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Afterwards I decided I’d explore the MAC counter at The Bay, as I had been hearing such wonderful things about everything they do to make us beautiful. I really wanted some lavender lipstick but they didn’t have any at the moment, but I did decide to give their Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium a try. I also picked up a Soft and Gentle Highlight Skinfinish. It’s sparkly and makes me happy.

IMG_5009Let me know if any of you use these and what you think. I’m genuinely curious.

I then popped over to Clinique for some clarifying lotion. Oooh exciting, I know.  But it works a charm and comes in a pretty bottle.


Then on to LUSH for some olfactory stimulation. My usual shopping buddy can’t stand it in the store, gives her a headache, so when on my own I make sure to go in. I fell in love with a soap called KARMA, and will 100% be buying more in the future. It makes me smell a bit like a hippy (I think there’s patchouli in it) but it’s fantastic and I would take that over flowery smells any day! I also got a bath bomb, because you can’t go into LUSH without getting one. It’s called Rose Queen, and has petals inside it, and apparently turns the bath pink. So we’ll see how that goes.


I then went to Old Navy for some cheap sweaters (seeing as all the spring stuff is out). I ended up with three of my favourite daily-wear pieces for 5 dollars each. One in cream, a V-neck in beige and another V-neck in Navy.


And of course I had to look at the new spring stuff and found this chiffon blouse with white and beige stripes, and it’s my new favourite. Great with jeans!


The next day my shopping buddy and I went to Homesense and JYSK after work and got a few house-y things. The Paris railway clock was only $11.00 so I couldn’t pass it up, and I have no idea where it’s going to hang in the apartment without Chris banging his head on it, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I also picked up this lovely photo album, because I’m a dinosaur and actually print pictures and put them in an album to enjoy. I will be adding my latest England trip photos to this one, as well as New York and Mexico if they all fit. There’s only 300 spaces, so we’ll see.


This is a cute laundry hamper that I hope will help Chris to put his dirty clothing away properly. Anywhere but the floor. If this doesn’t work I’m going to assume he’s a lost cause.


And our last stop was good old Value Village, for some thrifting, to see what we could see. It was turning out to be a dismal and failure of a journey, but I did a walk down the shoe isle and found a brand new pair of Crown Vintage Oxfords in my size! I checked online and they are still available from anywhere between 40 and 69 dollars. I would say I did good with these for 10 bux!


So that was my shopping adventures over last week. I’d say I did good and don’t need to go out for a rather long time. Let me know if you like this sort of thing in the comments, or not, and I will regulate my content that way. It was my first and was sorta fun, so I have no trouble doing more in future.

Lots of Love!

-Hailey Jane