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WANTED: An International Pen Pal

Hey there people of the Internet! It’s a bonus Thursday post!  (Making up for the failure that has been the past couple of weeks…my bad)

This is a call to the people of the world! I’m looking for a good old fashioned Pen Pal! That’s right, the paper, pen, envelope and stamp kind! As I’m currently living in Canada, I would love to get to know someone interesting from another country via the good old fashioned pace of snail mail! There is almost nothing better than finding a personalized piece of actual handwritten mail waiting for you on the floor when you get home, check your mailbox or however bills are generally delivered to you (carrier pigeon?)

I miss the days of writing back and forth, Jane Austen style. It’s so EPIC! That’s the only way to describe it…letters that would change the course of a person’s life arriving on a silver dinner plate! (Oh my…must keep current heart rate at normal levels….breathe…whew). But it’s even more exciting when it’s to someone you don’t really know from a different country!  Before the days of the Internet, when I was a small, enthusiastic sponge for knowledge, I used to have a pen pal in school.  I think she was from Canada too, but Canada is big…so it still counts.  It was almost magical, seeing the physical evidence of a person who you’ve never met before, who knew your name and other random things about you. To be honest, by now I’ve forgotten what her name was, but that’s not the point.  Point is, it was awesome so I want to do it again. My little sister was also corresponding with a little girl from Germany while in Grade 1, which I thought was great.  So with her inspiration, I want to re-live some of those exciting experiences, and also learn a bunch of fascinating things about a different country!

So for those of you interested and serious about becoming an international Pen Pal, here’s what you’ll need to do:

-Write about fun and exciting things that happen in your life occasionally

-include scenic/artsy pictures every so often

-Be awesome, have humour, don’t be creepy.  (The last of those is imperative…)

I’ll be sure to get back to you regularly with fun and fancy hand written letters, and knowing English well isn’t a necessity either. My translating skills could use a brush-up that’s for sure! So if your interest has been peaked by my rant, and you think you are also awesome enough to embark on such a worldly journey, leave me a comment or send a message at the email provided, and I’ll be in touch so we can start the process of snail-mailing tidbits of what our world looks like from where we see it.

-Miss Hailey Jane