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Michigan Renaissance Festival: Any Excuse To Be a Pirate

Breaking News!

I have discovered the most magical place ever. It has prompted me to wonder why the whole of the world is not completely covered with lewd beard-y men selling pickles. I am baffled.

Not only do I have a MAJOR soft spot for men in kilts, there is enough jingly, sparkly, shiny caboodle to keep my inner pirate reeling from the treasure equivalent of snow blindness.

It was the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and I swear I could have lived out the rest of my life there in complete happiness.


IMG_2947There were tree people (pictured above…look closely, because he looks like a tree) and human statues that were incredibly freaky and reminded me a little bit too much of weeping angles.

IMG_2949There were pony rides, camel rides, and I’m sure if I had’ve turned up the charm I could have been privy to a Knight ride as well. The place was absolutely huge and I was blissfully lost basically the entire time.

IMG_2951My backup career has always been piracy, and this gave me a great opportunity to not only practice, but fraternize with other sea faring scallywags.  Yarrr.

IMG_2956Aye! Avast! There be mermaids too!

IMG_2958And shiny ladies!

IMG_2959And sharp pointy things!

IMG_2963We broke for a feast of drumsticks and ale,

IMG_2966And I tried not to completely cover myself in it.

IMG_2978A Highland Tournament was run throughout the day, cabers were tossed, stones were thrown and kilts were bloody everywhere!

IMG_2980There was something happening in every direction you turned!

IMG_2988Oh look! It’s the Queen! Her Majesty Elizabeth the First! What a ruff she’s got going on there!

IMG_2992And the parade continues…

IMG_2996The jousting arena is full and ready to host the day’s prime spectacle!

IMG_3002The Queen says her piece

IMG_3007And in ride the day’s Knights

IMG_3020And it begins!

IMG_3024To Victory!

IMG_3031What a fantastic way to spend a day! I’m so glad I got to go and am already making grand plans for next summer!



-Miss Hailey Jane