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Zen and the Art of Packing

I’ve got a week to get my shit together, think I can do it?

A common female problem...

A common female problem…

It’s the beginning of the EPIC LIST phase of travel preparation. Ideally I would have all of this on paper weeks ago, but where’s the stress in that? So here I am, 8 days to departure, ‘listing’ like it’s going out of style!

It’s like the act of making the list is useful and counts as getting something done. I also think that is procrastinator logic at its best.

So to give you an idea where my head has been lately…apparently reading Harry Potter and shopping for boots is taking precedence over calling my credit card company and locking down the travel insurance situation. If I don’t get on that soon I’m told a policy will be taken out ON me, and the benefits will be reaped when I kill myself in a horrifying Cream Tea accident or at the hands of a disgruntled Beefeater who didn’t appreciate my insights on relocating for enough time for me to get to wear that neat crowny thing for a little while. C’est le vie.

That being said I have done the basics. I bought pounds already, which was depressing and I hope I remember that while I spend them frivolously; and I’ve got the wardrobe covered. Not the wooden boxy thing, although one of those that magically transported me over the ocean would be more than handy. Power converter has also been obtained, ink for printer to print train and bus tickets has also been taken care of, and I dusted off my ‘out of country’ mobile phone. I swear that Nokia would survive the apocalypse.

I’m downsizing this year and only taking the basics, so instead of half of a library, only one or two books is going to have to do. No more than the BARE ESSENTIAL clothing is making it into that suitcase, no matter how much I think I’ll need those suede high heels, that second pair of plaid pants, the third..maybe fourth black turtleneck (What can I say? it’s my nature) or the black dress that I will almost certainly not even wear. If I have to hurl that case onto a moving train, I swear it’s going to make it this time. And ideally won’t get stuck as often in the paddles at the stations. That was a bit embarrassing.

As much as people despise packing for these sorts of things, I think it’s kinda fun, albeit mean to all of the items that end up as “the weakest link” and get a very over-dramatic boot, because that’s clearly what my life is like.

I just need to purchase enough maple syrup/maple candy to both gag and drown a beaver, then I’ll be basically all set to go!….basically.

Wish me luck, and let’s hope my inner organization demon shows its’ ugly head and possesses me long enough to get me off in one piece!


Miss Hailey Jane

Moving Up (Down? Around?) in the World

Well once again it looks like we’re on the move. Re-locating everything we own to a new and exciting cube somewhere else, and all I’m getting this time is a whollop of mixed feelings. I used to love moving, the pleasure of organizing everything into labeled boxes, and then finding a brand new place for them in a spanking clean, new, and exciting place! But after doing it about….1, 2, 3, 4, 5…6 times since 2006, the novelty is really starting to wear off.

Most people I know absolutely hate moving, and I am starting to see why. As a person with her own personal library, the task begins to get a bit daunting when thinking about having to lift everything in sight, carry it out the door, down the hall, into the elevator and out too a truck, and then reverse the process all over again. I love my books to death, and always have, they are my children if ever I had to bequeath anything to anyone, but when it comes to moving, I begin to genuinely hate them for a brief period of time and afterwards feel terrible about it.

Then comes the “Oh just throw it out” phase, when packing become such a pain that you’d rather just chuck out anything that doesn’t fit right in the box. Yes, it’s good to have a healthy purge of excess belongings every once in a while, but in an angry and impulsive packing-induced rage is not exactly the best way. Then of course, there’s the fear that not everything will fit in the new place as comfortably as you have hoped. Particularly if you’re downsizing, as we are. I’m sure it will be fine, but I’m envisioning the arguments between myself and my (like to see the walls still) gentleman about what is going to go where…talk about unneeded stress. I need a shirt that says “I’m right, don’t even bother trying to argue!” to wear on moving day.

And that’s just the day, not even mentioning the prep work involved….calling for a moving van, correspondence with the new apartment building, getting the internet switched over, locating boxes, dissembling and returning mountain of empties, cleaning everything, (killing old landlord), finding a home for the extra furniture, finding renters insurance…the list just goes on and on…

I wish I could just throw a few important things in a bindle, swing it over my shoulder and hit the road, free as a bird! But good old fashioned western society, our materialistic views and love of capitalism has left most of us here with houses chalk full of every impulsive purchase in our past. When was the last time I used that popcorn maker? Where did all this nail polish come from? I don’t paint my nails! Why do we even have a TARDIS safe? (No wait..that one is still awesome..) The point is, people are crazy, not at all excluding myself.

I just want to take the time to thank my readers, and if fail to update for a few weeks then you’ll know that either the internet didn’t get switched over in a timely fashion at all, or I’ve killed someone and am on the run. Wish me all of your extra luck!

I think I need a coffee…

-Miss Hailey Jane