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And Now for Something Completely Different…

Huzzah! It is the hour to head towards the hectic holiday season, having hoards of happy hands held out behind hollering humans, hovering, haggling and heckling, hastily hurrying as if hounds hatched at their heels.


I, a hapless yet hopeful henchmen of a hypothetical heroic homage, henceforth honour a healthy hiatus of this hungry highlife and in happenstance, hope to have heaps of hypnotic hugs that heat the hesitant heart to hindered hindgut.

Happy Holidays!


From Coffee and Turtlenecks

xx – Hailey Jane


An Ode to Turtlenecks…

Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

Why do you warm me so?

Why is it that, your fibres sat,

Round my neck and make me glow.


It’s summer time, here and now,

Don’t you know of the scorching heat?

I want to wear, you here and there,

But to do so would be a feat.


The sun has kissed my naked neck,

Did you always wish my skin so brown?

A freckle here, and tan lines near,

My shoulders have caused a frown.


Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

I eagerly long for your demure chic.

When Man Winter shows, and the weather snows,

Again we’ll revel from your touch on my cheek.


-Miss Hailey Jane

(…Bleeding Summer!)

You Can Blink


A world gestates denial,

of encompassing truth.

Ideals forget, drifting apart from

a necessity from youth.


Monstrous cubes, organized paths,

percolate gusto and skill.

Lonely steps, meaningless greetings,

lives carry along solitary will.


Caffeinated enthusiasm,

dollar sign views.

Canid nourishes canid,

no air for feline blues.


Golden orbs arc, never relent

time quickens, space shrinks.

An ultimate goal, entitled reward,

collective unconscious thinks;


From solitary success, The Universe blinks?







-Miss Hailey Jane


I Just Can’t Do That Today

Sun hides behind fog

Leaves float in tepid water

Flavonoids: day’s peak…

As a rule I generally prefer hopeless optimism to being an unjustified cynic, but I’m not perfect.  Let’s just say my “Fake Lent Plan” is wearing on me.  A mini-update on that front, I’m  not doing terribly well across the board but certain things are still holding on. Coffee has become a mythical creature at the moment, like unicorns and dentists. And I’ve been doing rather well in avoiding it altogether.  Chocolate, also not so bad. there were a few moments of weakness but for the majority it’s been out of the picture. Where the major issue lies, is surprisingly in cheese. Damn cheese, it’s bloody well in almost everything! So I can’t really say that I’ve been abstaining from it completely.  I’m not sure if I’m feeling at all better yet, I mostly just have increased levels of guilt. But I guess that’s what them Catholics like to do. So that’s my mini update for now. Stay tuned for the official final update in a few weeks.

For now, a poem.

I Just Can’t Do That Today

I want to write happy and beautiful things about different people, my life, and about the world. I want to have a new exciting story for you all that will knock off your weekend socks.  A story that will change your life and make you feel the need to tell all your friends.  I want to shake the world, but I can’t do that today.

I want to blind you with excessive happiness, overpower you with hope and enthusiasm. I want to make you smile, and have you believe you can achieve everything you set your mind to. I want to fill you with all the knowledge you need to answer every question you will ever have, but I can’t do that today.

I want to tell you where to find the meaning of life. The place where all your dreams will come true and where you will find everything that you need to achieve perfect happiness in your life.  I want to introduce you to the person of your dreams, or a person who will change your life forever. . But I can’t do that.  Not today.

I want to feed you if you’re hungry, and bring you joy if you are sad. I want to sew the hole in your heart and I want to make you realize you’re not really mad.  I want to be there if you’re lonely, take you far away from your pain.  Help you with your spelling, and laugh with you over again. But I really can’t do that today.

And just because I want to be a good person doesn’t mean I really am… I just can’t do that today.

Miss Hailey Jane

The Beginning..

They say everyone has a novel in them, but I think they’re wrong. What I seem to have is an amalgamation of sporadic creative blips that in no way line up to create a coherent story.  Not that these blips are anything but wildly entertaining, it’s just that there’s no way to present them to a willing and eager public. So this here…whatever this is… will be my attempt to enlighten the blogosphere on the wonders of my universe, and the lights that sparkle in my sky. The majority of my writing is based on fact, though most people would not believe it, it is usually all tightly bound around the real.

Across an ocean of deepest blue

awaits a life that is bold and new.

Across the patchwork quilted land

rests a life that is rich and is grand.

A heavy heart in salt-stained hems

yearns for life along the Thames.

To dance, to frolic and be fancy free

from Devonshire to Leigh on Sea.

Open minds and open doors

and open books upon the floors.

Castles, manors, cottages and flats

history topped with a bowler hat.

Men in wool, in tweed or tie

men with elbows munching mince pie.

Cobbled streets, lighted ways

glowing nights and hazy days.

The best of life is for you to decide,

while the world’s a trip, you’re along for the ride.

Some say not to fall victim to the wiles and the charm,

but the sky really is brighter with an Englishman on your arm.

-Hailey Jane    13.02.2012

I’m not as hedonistic as I sound, but I do firmly believe in living life to the fullest by way of enjoyment, fun, happiness and love.  So open your mind to the wonders of the world, never let an opportunity pass you by and remember that adventure is your best friend.

Pure joy is contagious.