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I’m Going to Be a Horrible Person and Do A ‘Haul’ Post…

No judging..

The reason I cracked and decided it would be a good idea to do a post on the spoils of shopping, was because I was in need of some serious retail therapy this week and I was alarmingly successful. I found all of these lovely things, and have no one to share their wonders with. The boy really isn’t too interested, he tries to feign enthusiasm, but it’s all a lie really.

I had a surprise day off this week, so I went to the mall in search of a pair of sunglasses that I had deeply regretted not buying weeks ago, and when you’re still thinking about an item several weeks after walking past it, it’s a good reason to go back and get it. If only to help you sleep at night.

Here are the sleep depriving sunglasses in question.


Aren’t they lovely? I hope you think so, because I know of at least four people in my social circle that will call them many things ranging from ridiculous  to just plain ugly. But haters gonna hate.  They’re from Laura, a clothing retailer here in Canada. I couldn’t find them online, but that really doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Afterwards I decided I’d explore the MAC counter at The Bay, as I had been hearing such wonderful things about everything they do to make us beautiful. I really wanted some lavender lipstick but they didn’t have any at the moment, but I did decide to give their Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium a try. I also picked up a Soft and Gentle Highlight Skinfinish. It’s sparkly and makes me happy.

IMG_5009Let me know if any of you use these and what you think. I’m genuinely curious.

I then popped over to Clinique for some clarifying lotion. Oooh exciting, I know.  But it works a charm and comes in a pretty bottle.


Then on to LUSH for some olfactory stimulation. My usual shopping buddy can’t stand it in the store, gives her a headache, so when on my own I make sure to go in. I fell in love with a soap called KARMA, and will 100% be buying more in the future. It makes me smell a bit like a hippy (I think there’s patchouli in it) but it’s fantastic and I would take that over flowery smells any day! I also got a bath bomb, because you can’t go into LUSH without getting one. It’s called Rose Queen, and has petals inside it, and apparently turns the bath pink. So we’ll see how that goes.


I then went to Old Navy for some cheap sweaters (seeing as all the spring stuff is out). I ended up with three of my favourite daily-wear pieces for 5 dollars each. One in cream, a V-neck in beige and another V-neck in Navy.


And of course I had to look at the new spring stuff and found this chiffon blouse with white and beige stripes, and it’s my new favourite. Great with jeans!


The next day my shopping buddy and I went to Homesense and JYSK after work and got a few house-y things. The Paris railway clock was only $11.00 so I couldn’t pass it up, and I have no idea where it’s going to hang in the apartment without Chris banging his head on it, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I also picked up this lovely photo album, because I’m a dinosaur and actually print pictures and put them in an album to enjoy. I will be adding my latest England trip photos to this one, as well as New York and Mexico if they all fit. There’s only 300 spaces, so we’ll see.


This is a cute laundry hamper that I hope will help Chris to put his dirty clothing away properly. Anywhere but the floor. If this doesn’t work I’m going to assume he’s a lost cause.


And our last stop was good old Value Village, for some thrifting, to see what we could see. It was turning out to be a dismal and failure of a journey, but I did a walk down the shoe isle and found a brand new pair of Crown Vintage Oxfords in my size! I checked online and they are still available from anywhere between 40 and 69 dollars. I would say I did good with these for 10 bux!


So that was my shopping adventures over last week. I’d say I did good and don’t need to go out for a rather long time. Let me know if you like this sort of thing in the comments, or not, and I will regulate my content that way. It was my first and was sorta fun, so I have no trouble doing more in future.

Lots of Love!

-Hailey Jane




Zen and the Art of Packing

I’ve got a week to get my shit together, think I can do it?

A common female problem...

A common female problem…

It’s the beginning of the EPIC LIST phase of travel preparation. Ideally I would have all of this on paper weeks ago, but where’s the stress in that? So here I am, 8 days to departure, ‘listing’ like it’s going out of style!

It’s like the act of making the list is useful and counts as getting something done. I also think that is procrastinator logic at its best.

So to give you an idea where my head has been lately…apparently reading Harry Potter and shopping for boots is taking precedence over calling my credit card company and locking down the travel insurance situation. If I don’t get on that soon I’m told a policy will be taken out ON me, and the benefits will be reaped when I kill myself in a horrifying Cream Tea accident or at the hands of a disgruntled Beefeater who didn’t appreciate my insights on relocating for enough time for me to get to wear that neat crowny thing for a little while. C’est le vie.

That being said I have done the basics. I bought pounds already, which was depressing and I hope I remember that while I spend them frivolously; and I’ve got the wardrobe covered. Not the wooden boxy thing, although one of those that magically transported me over the ocean would be more than handy. Power converter has also been obtained, ink for printer to print train and bus tickets has also been taken care of, and I dusted off my ‘out of country’ mobile phone. I swear that Nokia would survive the apocalypse.

I’m downsizing this year and only taking the basics, so instead of half of a library, only one or two books is going to have to do. No more than the BARE ESSENTIAL clothing is making it into that suitcase, no matter how much I think I’ll need those suede high heels, that second pair of plaid pants, the third..maybe fourth black turtleneck (What can I say? it’s my nature) or the black dress that I will almost certainly not even wear. If I have to hurl that case onto a moving train, I swear it’s going to make it this time. And ideally won’t get stuck as often in the paddles at the stations. That was a bit embarrassing.

As much as people despise packing for these sorts of things, I think it’s kinda fun, albeit mean to all of the items that end up as “the weakest link” and get a very over-dramatic boot, because that’s clearly what my life is like.

I just need to purchase enough maple syrup/maple candy to both gag and drown a beaver, then I’ll be basically all set to go!….basically.

Wish me luck, and let’s hope my inner organization demon shows its’ ugly head and possesses me long enough to get me off in one piece!


Miss Hailey Jane

Attack of the Panther in Polyester

Hello again world…

So here’s where we stand… Yesterday was my birthday. As a rule I try not to make a big deal of it because I didn’t really do anything particularly worth praise or recognition regarding that day. Mom should be the one congratulated for surviving the horror that is passing a football sized human being out her nether-region. I just don’t feel, from the football’s perspective, that I did anything special. Technically everyone does something similar at least once in their life.

Anyway, may I direct you to the point of my story. This way….just follow me….yep that’s it….not to far now….almost there…aaannd, there, go ahead.

Today I went to the mall with my birthday loot, and had laid out the trip in a strict “this is all I’m going to get” fashion. This plan included a nice pair of black dress shoes (for mine have all bit the dust or just don’t match anything), cat litter, potatoes and asparagus. Very exciting list, I know. So off I went on this rather rainy day, on the bus towards the scariest place humanity and civilization has dreamt up since public execution platforms and the alter. The place was noisy and buzzing with people, mostly aged and frail at this time in the morning, huddling around the Tim Hortons. They shuffled down the hall and went about their business at a snails pace, because face it, they had nothing better to be doing, but I needed shoes, so I scurry past them on my youthful legs and then head for the shoe store.

I mentally push past the financial guilt, repeating this mantra in my head “it is my birthday…it’s my birthday dammit”, and as I am thoroughly convinced I need new shoes, I try to hold firmly to a budget that I  imagined for myself. Completely arbitrary of course. I eventually reach said shoe store and with poise and confidence stroll in. The woman who governs this hovel of footwear is on me instantly. but no, I won’t have any bit of pushy sales people today! I am on a very important mission, clearly. I shoo her away with polite niceties and get down to business,




Size 9…nope too big

8 1/2?…Nope too big

8?…alright there we go.

After 20 minutes of ‘hmm’ing and ‘haw’ing, I decide, with will power of steel, that the pair I like are too much money, and technically not exactly what I’m looking for. So with that, I leave. Leave the store FOREVER! (Well no, not really but I thought more drama was needed just there).

I am proud of averting the sale rack, the sales pitches and shining beautiful expensive shoes in the store on the way out. It’s almost one for the record books. I leave disappointed but impressed with myself. No regret will be felt tonight! *Cue dramatic sound effect*

You know that moment in a story, when the main character can either chose one seemingly innocent thing to do, or another, and when they do it all goes to shit? Pay close attention here…

I decide then, that I’ll have a quick look in the bookstore. As I head in that direction I pass several clothing stores. But no, I say to myself, I don’t need anything, nor can I really afford it at this particular juncture. Will power of steel remember? But then when my guard was down due to self praise and basking in my own awesomeness, I saw in the window of a shop, my demise.  THEY HAD WAISTCOATS! (or vests….you might call them vests here, not sure). I was compelled to enter, “just a look” I thought. They were just too fantastic.

The woman of the store was on me before I had entirely committed to seriously looking around. She was like a panther in polyester! And she had her mind set on my blood!

“Hello…how are you today?” she asked with a sly grin…I know she has no business knowing how I am. Even if she did, I also know she doesn’t care even the slightest bit whether I’m feeling elated from having just solved world peace, or a bit like shit because my home planet has just been blown up. I wonder if there is a place to go to learn to be like this?

“Good, just having a look thanks.” …hmm I’ll bet it’s part of the same company that teaches us to respond to social converse with completely benign and uninformative standards.

“OK, well let me tell you about all of the [ridiculous, fanciful, full of lies and false advertising] sales we are having today!” Like there isn’t a different variant of the same thing tomorrow, next week, next month.

I don’t even have time to retort and she is already 300 words into a prepared speech about pants, tops, 70% off this and $5.00 off that, and if you do this small mundane thing you get a small savings but we’ll harass you for the indefinite future.  As she’s rambling I see that the lace cami’s next to me are only $4.95…which I judge as actually a good deal. I do tend to need those….

And that is how they get you. At that moment I was in for it…A cami, a white sweater, a dress shirt, a pashmina and a pair of purple pants later, I come to. The room is still spinning. What just happened??

Upon reflection the cost was reasonable for what I got, but I still feel as though I’ve been had. The woman was so nice, so friendly, so helpful. It was almost like she really cared about whether or not that pashmina brought out my eyes. Do I want my eyes brought out? I kind of like them where they are actually. She says she’ll start a change room for me? How lovely, right? Wrong, now I HAVE to try them on…seriously increasing the likelihood of desire and ultimately purchase.  Oh look, she’s bringing me more things that I didn’t ask for? Great, how sweet and considerate! Except I really didn’t need these things!  She even gave seemingly professional opinions on my selections, yet always encouraging more purchases.

Sure, I felt fantastic and euphoric in the process, pampered, looked after and cared for, but that’s all part of their little scheme. The truth is I bought things I didn’t plan on, and technically don’t need.

Also…I still don’t have shoes….

So world…civilization…humanity, you win this round. Oh well, it is my birthday after all.

-Miss Hailey Jane

Omorfos Aghora: Part One

She awoke in total darkness, with the last fleeting memories of a dream that had filled her nights sleep, escaping out the window with the hints of a new dawn. A dream of exotic pleasures and the wonderful company of a man that she would never have the pleasure of meeting.

She stretched through the length of her body and wiggled all of her toes, thinking about whether or not it was worth getting out of the bed on this rather unimportant day. She thought about the arbitrary amount of time it takes for her planet to rotate once, which for some reason governs the pattern of all of the lives on this rock, and then thought about what it would be like living here if the days were shorter or longer. She decided that because of the extreme improbability of her existence alone, that it was worth getting up. She sluggishly rolled around until she could be sure all of her body parts were in fact present, and she braced herself for overcoming another day.

She turned herself toward the sky, sat up and splashed water on her sleepy face from the small bowl next to her bed. She then reached for her bright red cotton shawl with yellow tassels and her black wide brimmed hat, slowly feeling the texture of these two items, remembering all those others that she had loved that were lost in the flood. She sighed with longing for an easier life, and wrapped her shoulders from the chill of the morning air and covered her head with the anticipation of another hot afternoon. She stood, finished dressing, slipped on her sandals, grabbed her walking stick and shoulder bag that held a small coin purse, cigarettes and the novel she was reading, and then headed through the cloth door on the front of her wooden framed tent where her house used to be, out into the unforgiving world.

She walked down the path as she watched the sun rise above the trees, the little bursts of light popping  up past the tips of the spring leaves. She smiled, not knowing why, but she did. Through the twists and turns of the wide dirt path she planned and prepared for the day. What to say to the people who had come to see her, how much she thought she should sell on this particular day and worst of all, what to do with those light fingered children decided to make her day miserable. She eventually came upon the aghora, and she heard it before she saw it, the unmistakable noise of children and animals bustling about, making much more noise than they need to. She walked through the noise, deep into the heart of this small  collection of civilization and found the small shop where she would spend the next twelve hours. She walked up to the blue door, remembering all of her hard work when the resident stray dog came up to her like he did every morning, looking for a good scratch. She obliged with another smile and then unlocked the creaky door and stepped into the darkness.

It was a small shop, with only one room in it, but she was immensely proud of it.  Last year she had finally saved enough to redecorate the inside, and so had painted it her favourite shade of blue. It looked lovely with the green/blue tiled floor, and contrasted with her sparkling fare. She had been selling her handmade adornments for ten years now at this market, making beautiful necklaces, bracelets and anklets out of the most spectacular coloured beads with silver and gold accents. She was almost to the point of calling herself a successful business woman when the flood came, but that seems so long ago now. It wiped out so much of the surrounding village she was lucky to still have walls standing around her. She lost a large amount of her merchandise but not as much as the fabric vendors or bake shops that surrounded her who seemed openly bitter about it. She was able to save much of her work but the beautiful new paint job was ruined, along with a large part of the floor and her displays.

All the vendors were told that business would pick up again once everyone got back on their feet so be prepared. What they didn’t tell her is that when times such as these got tight, no one would be looking to spend their precious pennies on frivolity such as her jewels. She watched as people came and went from the cloth shop, the bake shop and the other stalls in the market, but scarcely there was a man or woman that would come to visit her. And since the flood tourists had diverted to another more prosperous village on the north side of the island, leaving her with hardly enough money to feed herself, let alone buy a proper home or repair the inside of her shop again.

All seemed to be lost, including hope, but she stuck to it knowing it was the only way to get herself back on her feet again. She would think about the earth, rotating around the sun, in the vast solar system in an even more vast galaxy. She knew it was unlikely that she was alive, so she clung desperately to that thought to keep herself going. When lunch time rolled around she stepped outside and lit herself a cigarette in lieu of not making enough to justify buying lunch. It was one of her two simple pleasures, that along with reading.  A long drag on a cigarette plus the escape into another world while reading a novel made for a near-perfect lunch hour, near-perfect only because food was out of the question. She was content.

As she was standing outside her shop, oblivious to most of the world with her nose in an old book she was approached by a man who, unknown to both of them, would change the course of her life forever.

He coughed in an obvious manner and she poked her nose over the top of her book, raising an eyebrow at his striking yet unkempt appearance.

He gently waved a cigarette in the air and asked, “χετε μια λυχνία?”

She had a light, but the question was whether or not she was going to give it to him…

-Miss Hailey Jane