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Taking This Show On The Road!

Hey wonderful people who like coming here to read what I say! I’ve got a bit of news that’s rather exciting, and I thought I would share it with you. I have commissioned a design for cards to help the non-internet world, and lead them towards the goodness that is here. The cards are soon to be printed, and I wanted to give you all a sneak peak at what they will look like. Fee free to provide feedback in the comments.

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 11.48.47 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 6.55.41 PM

These will also become VERY handy while I’m….wait for it….back in ENGLAND! That’s right folks, I’m taking this show on the road! I’ve got another excursion planned, booked (but not quite yet paid for), for the end of March of this year. So if you’re from that part of the world (South East England-ish) and want to do a meet and greet, see the sights and have adventures shoot me an email and I’ll set something up.


-Miss Hailey Jane

An Ode to Turtlenecks…

Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

Why do you warm me so?

Why is it that, your fibres sat,

Round my neck and make me glow.


It’s summer time, here and now,

Don’t you know of the scorching heat?

I want to wear, you here and there,

But to do so would be a feat.


The sun has kissed my naked neck,

Did you always wish my skin so brown?

A freckle here, and tan lines near,

My shoulders have caused a frown.


Turtlenecks, oh turtlenecks,

I eagerly long for your demure chic.

When Man Winter shows, and the weather snows,

Again we’ll revel from your touch on my cheek.


-Miss Hailey Jane

(…Bleeding Summer!)

Fun Fact Friday: The History of Turtlenecks

Hello again, and welcome to Friday, the Fun Fact kind! I was originally going to write a post about the Amish (again, the result of spending too much time with PBS) but I decided that they can keep their secrets for at least another week in lieu of the dire need for something about turtlenecks to grace the pages of a site named after them. So, this week will be about the history of Turtlenecks! (I’m kind of excited, I’m not going to lie).

And, as a salute to the occasion, I am wearing my burgundy Ralph Lauren turtleneck, and feel distinguished.

Alright, let’s get started.

FACT: Turtlenecks date back to at least the 15th century AD.

FACT: They are called ‘Polo necks’ in the UK and ‘skivvy’s’ in Australia.

FACT: They were popularized in the late 19th century, where they were originally worn by menial workers, navy sailors or officers, and athletes.  But into the 20th century they became associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals and artists.

Should have been wearing a turtleneck.

FACT: In the 50’s the black turtleneck became a distinctive mark of an existentialist, and also became a way to rebel against traditional formal wear (ie. Black tie).

FACT: Women adopted the look and feminized it after the 50’s, and eventually it became a marker of preppy tidiness among students.

FACT: The look has been watered down since then and is now common among all classes in society and types of fashion.

And for your enjoyment, here are some awesome people who sport turtlenecks!

The 'Always Classy' Audrey Hepburn

The 'Scratch-Pie Making' Carl Sagan!

The 'Floofy Haired' Barry Manilow

Italian Film Star Marcello Mastroianni

The 'Though I don't believe in Apple products' Steve Jobs.

Oh wait..that's me...

Vladimir Putin, when he's not busy killing wildlife.

The Gorgeous Miss Marilyn Monroe

The Lonely Island

And for you younger readers, the fictional Draco Malfoy.

My apologies, I may have gotten a little carried away with the pictures, but Turtlenecks are fun and awesome, so it clearly doesn’t matter.

Again, I hope you learned something interesting. Interesting things that you can bring up at the next family reunion to baffle the people with whom you share genetics, using your wealth of useless knowledge!

Bye for now! And Happy Friday!

-Miss Hailey Jane