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An Interlude

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus here at Coffee and Turtlenecks and a lot has been going on in the sidelines which I feel I should share with you fine folk. In the past months I have been working away at the good old nine to fiver, going back to school and planning a rock solid future. I feel I have apparently turned into a proper adult while I wasn’t paying attention.

Never thought that was going to happen…

So to explain myself, starting from the beginning, we had moved out of the Lonely City of Windsor, and headed towards the quiet place where we call home. The Scugog area turned out to be comfortable and welcoming in contrast to the uncomfortable, cold city we had lived in for the past three or four years. Then, last June, after taking up the new hobby of becoming a magpie and buying all the shiny and glittery makeup I could find, we agreed it was a good idea for me to go back to school and become a professional Makeup Artist.

For the next three months I worked hard at perfecting my skills and learning new things at Beauty School, while also holding down a full time job. Sixteen year old Hailey, lover of all things black and emotional, was rolling in her grave, but life has a way of altering people. In this case I’m going to say it was certainly for the best.

I graduated with flying colours (get it?…..makeup…colours?….no?….anyway…) and am now a practicing freelance Makeup Artist, servicing my local area! This is really exciting to me and an opportunity to do something that interests me as well as helps pay the bills. I’ve been working really hard on my website and associated social media pages, as well as the business-ie side of things and getting my Professional Kit the best it can possibly be.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been repairing the barn on the family farm, and we are planning on eventually moving into the old farm house there, ideally next spring. I’m expecting a lot of potential post material on renovating that old house when we get in there, so let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in reading about!



Oh, and on the subject of new post material….the be all, end all of annoying things to write about constantly, has in fact happened to me. I have been proposed to, and at some point in the future am to be married. (See inserted photo of ring of awesomeness)

The ring

So maybe there will be the odd reference to plans in that department. Again I would appreciate as much feedback as possible about this tender subject or if I should in fact hold back on the wedding related content for now. Thoughts?

To recap, (Or if you skipped over the hooplah in the middle to the final paragraph, which to be honest I do sometimes…) in the past five months or so I have got another credential and started a thing which I am apprehensive to call a career (Because careers are for grownups), I have determined where I am going to live, and call my forever home (a very adult-ie thing to do…) and I have also been asked to be attached (figuratively) to one single other person for the rest of my life, and oddly enough agreed. So there you have it.

I don’t want to be to ‘self promote’-ie here  but if you are interested in my other website I’ll link it below. Otherwise hang tight for some more classic ‘Coffee and Turtlenecks’ material. I’m thinking Tea Reviews and How to Pick a Good Book, sort of stuff. Hey, maybe I’ll even knit something this winter! Here’s hoping!

Thanks again for all you folks who hang around to read my blatherings! You rock my mismatched weekend socks!

-Miss Hailey Jane

Makeup By Hailey: https://makeupbyhailey.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyhaileyj

Instagram: @makeup_by_haileyj

The Month of the Moves

It’s been a time.

Days and days of lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, boxing, unboxing, huffing, sweating and crying.

And it’s not even over yet. Three people moving in the same weekend in February is extremely ill advised. Coffee, I believe, is the only thing keeping me from the sharp edge of oblivion at this point.

Nothing makes you never want to buy an item of furniture again, or even look at one for that matter, like having to up and relocate oneself, one’s sister and one’s brother in law. The joy of this particular event though, was a severe lack of assistance and direction. Christopher is decidedly absent in the process, as well as said brother in law, and the rest of my immediate family has high tailed it to the Caribbean for the week as well.

It can all be summed up with one emphatic word: Exhaustion.

Wish me luck in the remainder of the process, and with hope I may crawl away alive, with a lovely new place for Smudge and I to live. I can’t wait to show it off!

Smudge and Ma

-Hailey Jane

Update: I’ve Tumbled

fancy line

Hey Everyone!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who follows Coffee and Turtlenecks! It means so much!

I’ve just got a bit of news for you all too, whether or not it’s good or bad will be for you to decide.

I went out and signed myself up for tumblr….

I know right…madness. If you’re the type of person who’s tumble-savvy then you should get your butt over there and follow away.

It’s coffeeandturtlenecks.tumblr.com, so feel free to explore what I’ve got there so far. They’re mostly just quick quotes, links to here and jumbles of photo’s you may or may not have seen already.

We’ll see if it catches on…feel free to let me know what you think!

Lots of love! xx

-Miss Hailey Jane

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 11.48.47 AM

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 6.55.41 PM


“You’re Leaving Again?” And Other Adventurous Updates

Some may call me frivolous, impatient, chronically unsatisfied, but I just call me spectacular!



I know I haven’t even got to telling you all about my last adventure in any detail whatsoever, but look at me, I’m planning another trip just like that! This one is smaller and bigger at the same time for reasons I will divulge shortly. The destination is going to be none other than one of the most famous cities in the world, New York, New York baby!

It is a small trip because we’re only going for four days, and one and a half of those days will be driving. There are four of us going…and here’s the big part….CHRIS IS COMING!  Yep…that’s right….you heard me correctly, he’s going to vacation!  With me!  He even booked time off work so we could all go together!

Now, he may just be doing it because all the cool kids are, or because he’s been watching too much Doctor Who with me lately, but that’s besides the point. This is the first serious trip that we’re going on together and I’m hoping it’ll be the spark that leads to so  many more trips in the near and distant future!

Within our short time frame we’ll see the sights and do all we can possibly do before it’s time to turn back. It’s certainly a place you need to say you’ve seein, and it’s not the sort of place I think I’d enjoy for the first time when I’m seventy, so off we go.  My comrades are not huge museum fans, so unfortunately I think the natural history museum will be out of bounds, which is almost the end of the world because I know it’s a pretty snazzy operation (and everyone knows how much I love dead things). But It’ll be a reason to return one day though, if the rest of the place grows on me.

Any other sight recommendations and “must do’s” while in the Big Apple?

As for my England excursion, I’ll let you know that I did choose Oxford over Cambridge, and it was a good choice. Details and photo’s of that trip to come, as well as a lovely and eye poppingly exciting encounter in London to top it all off.

Thanks everyone for being wonderful, and fellow Ontarians, enjoy the springie sunshine! Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to in my down time lately, which include pretty trees, new hair, and lunch at a cute place in Walkerville called The Twisted Apron which does a mean Pulled Pork sandwich.






Yum this thing is good....

Yum this thing is good….


-Miss Hailey Jane

P.S. Mom, I know you’re both jealous and impressed at the same time, but we won’t be renting a red convertible, and there will be boys, but us girls are running the show for sure.  😀

Milking the Content Cow

Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve been anywhere interesting, and I feel like I owe you all an apology.

I owe this apology on the grounds that the vast majority of the material I have had the pleasure of introducing you to, has been shamelessly stolen from the same handful of weeks of my life over a year ago. I feel like my stories have in fact become a part of history that I have been regurgitating back to you, like little baby birds who really want to grow up and find your own fish to fry.

I will no doubt try to pull this on you all again, as I finish my “Random England Photo” series, and then tell other stories such as “Fascinating Fascinators”,  “Free Ice Cream and Vengeful Cows” or “Birthday Slavery at Colchester Castle”.  I haven’t even thought about getting into my countless museum trips yet.  So, here is a pre-emptive apology for all of that too.

The good news is, I am officially planning another jaunt to the Motherland for March of this year. (One resolution down! Yay!) And no, this adventure clearly has absolutely nothing to do with that fact that my gentleman is planning on abandoning me for another weekend, taking a rifle course and purchasing an unnecessary gun. All of which I am aggressively against on principal, have articulated my disdain for on a number of occasions, and thus need bloody vacation.

Thank you all very much for your readership. If I could bake you all a cake that said “You are Awesome” and then mail it to wherever you are, I would. But unfortunately I am out of blue icing, and a “You are Awesome” cake wouldn’t be the same without blue icing.

This has been a post.


-Miss Hailey Jane