The New King Charles

I don’t do music sorts of posts as a rule, but this is just too good not to share.

Last Fall I stumbled upon one of the greatest things ever, and it was completely by mistake. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, sort of cool and cloudy, and people in general were being kinda grumpy. I decided to take refuge from the grumpiness in a Starbucks on the main strip of Windsor because they’re just SO nice in there, but more to the point I needed to steal their Wifi as I had yet to call someone to set up in my new apartment. So there I was, at a cute little table for two, just me and my laptop that’s the size of a sheep, having our coffee date. The laptop didn’t want anything though, something about caffeinated beverages frazzling its’ insides.

I was innocently poking about on YouTube, and something came to my mind that I wanted to look up. I had fleeting memories of it, but I needed to investigate further to quell my violent curiosity. It was a video of a guy dressed up as King Charles II of England, and he was rapping about something. It seemed as though it would be mildly amusing at the least, so towards the search I went. Turns out this was the video I was looking for, but instead I found THIS!

It was magically beautiful and perfect in every way! One day I will write about my deep and committed love of well groomed moustaches, but for now all I can do is tell you that they are the fabulous icing on the cake of life. I watched the video several times in bewildered awe, and from that moment on I was in love with this man and his music.

He is called King Charles, hence why I found him searching for a parody of the English Monarch. His song writing is what most modern artists should aspire towards, and his style and manner is so wonderfully refreshing in our fast paced ultramodern society. He writes about love like he means it and isn’t afraid of showing feeling in his songs. They’re catchy, powerful and inspiring and I just feel the need to share it with the world.

Some of my favourites include:

Mississippi Isabel

Lady Percy

and Bam Bam of course.

You can also find the official website HERE. I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts!

Enjoy! Enjoy SO MUCH!

-Miss Hailey Jane


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